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It was actually kind of busy at the store today. A lot of people who'd been to Niagara for New Year's were leaving to get back to work tomorrow, which meant last-minute souvenir shopping, which meant Jaye had a lot of people to mostly ignore. And when she got bored of them, she started playing on her phone. Which was when she saw the voicemail from the radio station (???) and decided to listen to it.

There were not words for this kind of joy. If you'd ever experienced the miracle of life, or gotten literally everything you ever wanted in life, or, who knows, saw a really pretty sunset once or whatever, suck it, you know nothing.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" the Mouthbreather asked as Jaye headed to the break room.

"On break," she said.

"You just took one."

"Then I'm going on lunch," she said.

And actually, it did take almost an hour of her checking Portalocity, trying to book stuff, and then getting on hold with customer service as they told her they didn't have any portals out of her dimension until next week.

It probably didn't do any good when she replied that everyone there was fired.

[NFB, NFI, la la laaaaaaaa.]
Jaye would like to say that she was forced into going to dinner and game night at her parents' (and Aaron's) house, but in reality she just didn't have a good enough excuse to get out of it. But everyone was being cheerful and sickening and trying to play Pictionary Jaye had finally excused herself to hide out in the bathroom.

After about half an hour of watching stupid YouTube videos on her phone, she heard the knock. "Jaye? It's your father. Are you all right in there?"

Of course it was her father. It was his house. "Nope," she said from where she was sitting on the floor against the door. "I think it's Sharon's cooking."

"Well, she's leaving soon."

"Okay, tell me when she's gone," Jaye said, and went back to watching her phone.

She was so the best sister ever.

[My streak was ruined but I had to finish the tour of Natalie Has Pretty PB's.]
After popping onto the island for a visit yesterday, she got a room at the Arms, because why not blow money when she'd probably just be back here for homecoming anyway. This was a mistake.

She didn't wake up thinking 'who am I' or anything, but once she'd moved around the room and woken up a bit, she started wondering why she was in a hotel room. Sadly- and this said a lot about Jaye- her first action was to go into the bathroom and make sure there was no one passed out in a tub full of ice in there.

There wasn't. Just for the record.

This left her standing in the middle of the room in her pajamas, wondering what the hell was going on and what she was doing, when all of a sudden out of the corner of her eye, she saw the little wax lion on her nightstand turn to her and say, "Good morning, sunshine!"

So that completely high-pitched screaming you heard? Yep, that would be what that was about.

[This is what happens when you bring your characters back on a whim. Open to anyone who might've heard the shrieking.]
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You'd think Jaye would have Labor Day off of work, but nooo. It was the last big vacation weekend of the summer and god forbid people couldn't buy overpriced crap with "NIAGARA FALLS" printed on it, so Jaye was at work. Not that she was actually doing anything. Then again, she didn't do much most days.

"Jaye, you're supposed to be restocking the shot glasses," the Mouthbreather told her.

"I did it already," Jaye lied.

"Oh, did you? Because they look pretty unstocked."

Jaye made a face at him, and started to speak- and that was when the ice water fell right on top of her, for a good long time, too.

Once it was done, Jaye shivered, and said, "I'm going home early."
"-so you see, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my client can't have done any of these things. I rest my case. CHUNG CHUNG."

Satisfied, Jaye took her seat again until they were released so the jury could deliberate. It was a tough trial, but Jaye, who'd gotten her life together in college and even graduated early from law school, could reassure her client that she'd get him off. Not dirty. That'd been part of his problem to begin with.

And once the jury went off and everyone left the courtroom, Jaye found a quiet place to sit for a moment, confident it wouldn't be long before the jury came back.

[YOUR MOVE, STEVE. Open for calls and texts!]
Jaye was at work. Which meant that she was present, but not so much that she was actually doing anything. Naturally.

She'd gotten a job in a gift shop by the falls, which barely paid enough to pay for her trailer, but at least she got to snark on tourists. Not that there were many around right now, because it was freezing in most areas of the country and giant waterfalls were probably not a big draw right now. So she was keeping herself "busy" by rearranging knickknacks. Or she was picking them up and putting them right back down in the same place again, whatever.

[For me!]
Wakes and funerals were pretty much the worst things ever to begin with, and it was so much worse when you were related to the person. It was all tears and "Do you remember how he used to" and forced socialization with family members you tried to avoid on a normal basis. Plus everything smelled like embalming fluid and calla lilies and she would not be convinced otherwise. So if you didn't mind, Jaye was going to find a corner unoccupied by anyone else and hang out with her drink. Which was nonalcoholic, because alcohol wasn't available, and did anyone else see anything wrong with that?

trips home are really just excuses for this )

[Had to. NFB, NFI, SDCC.]
Jaye was up early for her, for a Saturday, meaning it was somewhere around 11 am. Don't judge. She'd spent most of her week feeling all jumpy (though she was proud of herself for only doing stupid things twice), so she was allowed to sleep in today. And when she got up, her first thought was to run for the coffee. Or, sleepily shuffle towards the coffee. Whatever.

This was her priority list when she left her room: 1) Coffee. Somewhere around 20) Notice the TV was on and there was a kid in the apartment.

[For that kid, and no I didn't forget to post this why do you ask.]
Jaye didn't do much on Fridays, because she didn't have to. She could sleep in... actually, that was all she really wanted to do. Maybe drag herself in front of the TV for trashy court shows. The world was supposed to be ending today, right? She was fine going out like that.

So she was a little annoyed to be woken up by a knocking, and when she went to answer it... there were gremlins at her door. For anyone who'd had a couple bites in her life, that was something to be nervous about, but one just cleared its throat, and they started singing.

...Well, this was awkward. Jaye was still in her sleep clothes, wondering if she had to wait for them to finish or not. Like, would they be good if she was polite? Or at least, non-rude?

She waited for them to finish, then said, "Yesthatwasveryprettythankyoubye" and closed the door before any of them could try to bite.

When Jaye got in to her office, the first thing she did was turn on her computer. And the first thing she saw when she got to her email was the message from Sharon asking about accommodations for the weekend and making plans.

Jaye shut the computer the second she read the email. Maybe she could pretend she never saw it and it wasn't even there because this wasn't happening. If only she had Alec (her Alec, not Not Alec) around to hide out in the MCA bunker with.

Jaye just had to open that ball thing on her way in, didn't she? Now she was apparently stuck with a tiny little white kitten who'd start mewing cutely annoyingly anytime Jaye tried to put her down, and who was getting white fur all over her clothes.

Sitting in her chair looking like she didn't know whether to be irritated or not, Jaye tried to reach for her coffee, and had the kitten look up at her and make that sound again. "You are a needy little thing. Who's the cat version of Dr. Phil?" Jaye wondered, but she didn't dare reach for the coffee again.

Jaye was sitting at a little fold-out table, right in front of a ballot box.

It'd probably be more effective if she tried to advertise it somehow besides the big "RADIO VOTING HERE" sign hanging from the table. Well, she had an air horn that she'd occasionally set off. That was less for advertising, though, and more for fun.

[And radio voting is open! Post is, too, if you so wish.]

radio poll!

Sep. 5th, 2012 10:50 pm
Omg, we have to have a poll for the first time in forever! Time for you to pick your seven favorites from the lineup to read your characters all the gossip for the rest of the semester. You have until 12 pm PDT Saturday, September 8 to vote!

Loki and Alex

Remember, the poll is IC voting, so all characters can vote: townies, students and teachers.

[Poll #1864747]
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After a semester off, it was back to her office for Jaye.

Not to get any work done, of course. Though she would play solitaire on her computer in an attempt to look like she was working. Look, she ran a class on movies, there was literally no less work she could do do than just picking a movie.

Well... she could read the essays. Eh, she'd save that for later. Solitaire now.
It was best to not ask how exactly Jaye had ended up with custody of a chihuahua that had until yesterday been Jamie Madrox. The important thing was that she had.

And that the Jamhuahua was currently trying to wrestle with a stuffed bear that he'd gotten from somewhere or another. For reasons that should go without saying, the dog was winning. Though when Jaye came back to the living room and saw this happening, the bear also turned its head to her and said, "I would rather this wasn't happening."

"Oh, sure, now you guys start talking," Jaye retorted, and then had to spend the next few minutes accidentally playing tug-of-war with a chihuahua. Yes, it took a couple minutes, don't judge.

Jaye maybe, possibly hated everything. Especially the fact that she had hooves.

And that there was a little yellow lion tattooed on her ass like the tramp stamp from hell.


"AND HOW DO I LEAVE. I DON'T HAVE OPPOSABLE THUMBS." That part was said while trying to get the door open with said horn. It wasn't going well. Due to having no thumbs. Stupid Fandom. This was supposed to happen to other people.
Right, the office again. Jaye was back here, but rather than working she was blatantly and unapologetically playing solitaire. What, like someone was going to yell at her?

And occasionally she was saying bad words just because she could again.

It was entirely possible Jaye was still mentally sixteen.
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If anyone asked why Jaye wasn't wearing her uniform, she was going to say it was out being dry cleaned. Or that her dog ate it. Or that she was actually doing official radio business and radio business specifically required her to be out of uniform, and that she only braved whatever was attacking today to post grades.

In reality she was grading exams. Well, sort of.

so sorry, class. )

[Note: Grades were done Tuesday based on those who'd pinged in and are COMPLETELY ARBITRARY. If you're really curious and/or you need to mod your grade for some reason, basically if you worked hard on it you got a B+ and if you were funny she gave you an A.]
[Door, post, open, SP warning.]
Okay, weird enough that Jaye had walked right past copious bunny banging on the way to get her laundry, which was one of those things that had made her simultaneously try to avert her eyes while muttering, "Get a room." But at least she hadn't seen any of those little alien things around so far today? So far?

Thinking her day was about to get a lot better, she opened up the dryer, pulled out the only clothes in there... and looked dismayed as she saw that absolutely nothing had happened to her uniform, even washing it in hot water. Twice. "WHY WON'T YOU SHRINK, DAMN YOU?"

Because it was polyester, Jaye, that's why.

[Open with the usual SP warning.]


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