Jaye was at work. Which meant that she was present, but not so much that she was actually doing anything. Naturally.

She'd gotten a job in a gift shop by the falls, which barely paid enough to pay for her trailer, but at least she got to snark on tourists. Not that there were many around right now, because it was freezing in most areas of the country and giant waterfalls were probably not a big draw right now. So she was keeping herself "busy" by rearranging knickknacks. Or she was picking them up and putting them right back down in the same place again, whatever.

[For me!]
Jaye was up early for her, for a Saturday, meaning it was somewhere around 11 am. Don't judge. She'd spent most of her week feeling all jumpy (though she was proud of herself for only doing stupid things twice), so she was allowed to sleep in today. And when she got up, her first thought was to run for the coffee. Or, sleepily shuffle towards the coffee. Whatever.

This was her priority list when she left her room: 1) Coffee. Somewhere around 20) Notice the TV was on and there was a kid in the apartment.

[For that kid, and no I didn't forget to post this why do you ask.]
Jaye had no idea why she was awake this early. It was Saturday. Saturdays were made for sleeping in and then bumming around all day till you could get out to the bar that night so you could then sleep in on Sunday. And yet here she was.

Completely annoyed by this, she flopped onto the sofa with the remote, flipping channels and trying to find something that didn't suck. See, this was another reason these mornings were meant to be slept through.

[I'm sure no one can guess what will happen here!]


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