Jaye was not exactly a hard worker, even when it came to things like making breakfast. So it was time to go out and get some, because morning was too early to worry about cooking anything that didn't involve just putting cereal in a bowl and covering it with milk. Which, yes, yes, wasn't actually cooking, but also shut up.

She didn't get very far for the moment, though, because as soon as she stepped outside she was stopped by a parade of squirrels, some of which carried signs reading, "HAPPY SQUIRREL WEEK" in really bad handwriting.

Two squirrels lagging behind the others carried a banner reading, "MORE RUM PLZ."

So apparently it was that kind of week.

[No seriously, it's Squirrel Week! Establishy, but feel free to mod the squirrel parade! In fact, you should.]
Jaye was trying to work on a final. No, really.

Trying being the operative word because she kept stopping to curse Anakin's name for the fact that she was still singing "Pocketful of Sunshine." So it was really less working and more wondering how mad Rory would be if Jaye killed her husband.

The door was open, though.
Jaye had no idea why she was awake this early. It was Saturday. Saturdays were made for sleeping in and then bumming around all day till you could get out to the bar that night so you could then sleep in on Sunday. And yet here she was.

Completely annoyed by this, she flopped onto the sofa with the remote, flipping channels and trying to find something that didn't suck. See, this was another reason these mornings were meant to be slept through.

[I'm sure no one can guess what will happen here!]
Was it possible to have senioritis when you were years past being a senior? Because if it was, Jaye had it. Hell, even if it wasn't Jaye had it. She could be like a modern miracle when it came to fake diseases.

But since she taught movie day and that didn't exactly require a lot of work for her to ditch out on- which, if she thought about it, made it less a case for senioritis and mostly just said she was lazy- she was balling up Post-Its and using them to play trashketball. On company time, oh yeah.

Too bad she didn't get paid hourly.
It took Jaye, a veteran of Fandom and most of all of its weird, all of one phone call to figure out what was up.

So naturally, she returned it.

Then started making more calls. Well, fine, one call got accidentally multiplied through no fault of her own. And now she missed Marty.
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Jaye spent the first part of her morning uploading pictures from Monday's droid baby photo session to Facebook.

She spent the rest of her day being extremely vague in response to all the "wtf" comments.

Welcome to the only reason Jaye even had a Facebook.

Jaye was in her office and hard at work.

If "hard at work" meant "sitting in front of her computer and catching up on the week's reality TV", anyway. Considering how bad some shows really were, it really was work. In a sense.

Anyway, the door was open.
Jaye could have been having a better vacation. But after having things start talking to her and then a subsequent sleepless night and wandering through a gay ball (that still sounded wrong) to try and find some guy who she was told to follow but lost in a crowd (you'd think with so many feathers there, there'd be one damn fake bird to play hot and cold with), and therefore there'd been another sleepless night because of it.

So as these things tended to happen, she'd gone about her business, only to get sent on another wild goose chase through Rio.

...Wild goose chase was almost an accurate term, too. )

[It's really all [livejournal.com profile] willbethenight's fault.]
Jaye was looking way, way, way too pleased with herself when she got into her office today. Seriously, people, stop letting her have power over anything.

And for the slacker she normally loved to be, she then sat down at her desk and pulled out the notebook full of detailed notes for ideas that she'd had over the last week for detention and began trying to work it out into something coherent. Mwahaha.

Today Jaye made a grave mistake.

Today Jaye told her family where she'd ended up. No, she hadn't before now, are you kidding? If it were really up to her she wouldn't even give them her phone number. No, not really.

Every once in a while she'd hold the phone away from her ear when she got tired of listening, and anyone who stopped in or maybe even passed by could hear Sharon's voice saying things like, "That place turned you into a crazy person," and "It's nothing but all Democrats, all the time!" or "If you call me again pretending you're three like that one time, so help me-"
Jaye got to her office early today. She also got there irritated and with hay in her hair (don't ask), dropping her purse on her desk before sitting down.

"That wasn't so bad," said the voice from inside said purse.

"I'm not talking to you," Jaye said.

The door was open.
Jaye was back with her NPC realtor today to look at her third house. So they walked in, with the realtor talking abut the ceilings and the year of the house and whether or not she'd be able to rent out a room to help with the mortgage.

"I like it," Jaye was saying. "The paint color's all wrong, though. That'll be the first thing to go. Also, that wall..."
It wasn't that Jaye wanted to be at work or anything. What, was she going to work on class or something? Psh. But she did like being able to say she had an office, so every once in a while she could show up to it.

And work on making up radio complaint forms. Thanks for the idea, Jack!
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Jaye had an office.

Because someone had decided she should have an office, what were you people thinking.

For the moment this didn't look like a bad decision, though. Mostly she was spending her time rearranging her supplies how she wanted them on her desk. Which meant she was bored and was just going to keep doing this until she got carpal tunnel or she started throwing things into Anakin's office or something.

[Open office hours are open.]
Jaye's Philosophy 101 class may need a TA or two, if anyone is interested.

Their TA duties will include putting in the DVD and pressing play. I am not even kidding.

Comments are screened, ping in here if you want the job!
Hello again! While Jaye isn't exactly new, she was around more a whiiile back and there's some stuff that might take explaining for the newer people, therefore, infopost.

i wonder why the wonderfalls on me... )

jaye and how she fits in fandom )

so about these animals... )

And for the others!

annie edison: tracy flick in tv form )

susan sto helit: mostly human )

kitty pryde: i can't believe i braved the comics )

audrey parker: i have no idea wtf she is, actually )

jaina solo: getting badassier and badassier )

natalie: recent party down addict )
Jaye could have gone home for the weekend. She could have. She wouldn't have of her own free will. Instead she claimed that with classes having already started in what was looking to be her very last semester of college, she was too busy and needed to have her brain in place for the coming week. So Mahandra came to visit her for the night instead.

we were drawn from the weeds )

[Open for calls and emails etc!]
Jaye had thought staying at school over the summer in a vain attempt to get the hell out of here a semester early would at least mean she got her apartment to herself. But nooo, there was yet another roommate, one who invited people over for parties on nights before assignments were due in order to "blow off steam" and whose radio never got listened to on any setting lower than eleven. She'd tried yelling about it, but it was hard to yell at someone who was used to having people scream in their ear just to hear over the music. Nina would just smile and nod and yell back something about "Sounds good!" If Jaye didn't wonder if attempted murder would possibly get her hauled in on that whole three strikes law, she'd seriously consider it.

She was treated to the sweet symphony of club music that made that floorboards vibrate when she came back with the mail, rolling her eyes and going through the enveloped, balling up anything that looked like junk (anything that belonged to Nina here was considered junk) and throwing it into the trash can in frustration. And then when she saw the thing addressed to her and opened it up, she groaned at seeing that it was, in fact, a wedding invitation.

She didn't even recognize the names at first, then realized it was two people she'd hooked up months ago, thus ending in her ruining the first date she'd had in months. Therefore, Jaye started to crumple up the invite because screw that, and then she looked toward her roommate's door. Would she still have to be here in two months? Would she need the weekend away from Club Nina?

Go, said the salt shaker shaped like a sheep.

"Oh thank god," said Jaye, grateful for once for her possible cracked brain and the animals that talked to it.
It was Jaye's 21st birthday. Screw classes. She spent the first part of it driving back to Niagara Falls without saying a word to her family she wanted to enjoy this thank you and goodbye, to hang out with Mahandra before they headed off to the bar where she worked.

Since Mahandra wasn't working tonight, she too a seat next to Jaye and called over the bar, "We're going to be needing drinks over here. Card her, okay? She'll like it."

When asked for ID, Jaye turned over her brand new driver's license, a real one that said she was 21 instead of a fake one that said she was 21, and the bartender got her a beer. "You know, you're right? This is kind of awesome."

"Told you," Mahandra said. "But you didn't wanna listen."

Jaye took her first sip, put the bottle down, and decided, "Aaaaand now drinking seems to have lost some of its fun." Now that it was legal. Dammit.

The bartender frowned. "...Haven't you been coming here for like two years?"

[She did bring her phone with her, should anyone want to call.]
Over the last few years, Jaye had accumulated quite the rap sheet. Shoplifting (she'd gotten good enough to not get caught anymore), hit and run, vandalism... And it was all because of those stupid talky animals.

This time was absolutely no different.

In fact, the guard who let her go make her one phone call even greeted her with "Hey, Jaye." She gave him an irritated little wave and dialed the number she knew by heart, even in this age of speed dial. and so it goes )


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