To say Jaye was a wee bit wired is an understatement. After dragging their mattresses to the basement, she and Alec had spent the entire weekend down there getting hopped up on nothing but sugar and caffeine and way too little sleep and Operation and seahorse tattoos while getting visits from Buffy and her mom and Rory and Rory's friend and Aaron and Dean who doesn't suck as much when he's giving out sugar and except for meeting Aaron and seeing him at the bar she hadn't even have to leave except when she went ahead and pushed her mattress up four flights of stairs before remembering there is an elevator.

And the reason Jaye was tired is because now she has crashed. Like woah. And her mattress is still on the floor and she's sleeping on it anyway and she might just go to class in her pajamas, if she wakes up on time.
Jaye's on the bored side, but she already spammed the voicemail of someone who's not even here, and the common room is all the way over there. So, not moving from her splayed position on the bed other than a vague reaching movement, she grabs her phone and dials a number.

ring, ring )

[Door and post is open.]
Jaye spends her early morning being really really careful. Like, taking off her shirt-that-has-not-been-glued-to-her so she can use it as a guard between her and anything she might touch. The shirt is the barrier between her and the clothes she's planning on wearing (and a thorough glue search of them), the wall, everything. This was probably not the sort of shirtlessness Jack was encouraging. So far nothing's been glued, and she can get dressed in full. This actually worries her more. Jaye is good at paranoia, yes. She has practice.

She's still got some time before class, so she heads outside with her phone, and makes a call )

After hanging up, Jaye makes another call, and lucky gets Sharon's voicemail. And really, it occurs to her that after her talk with Alec, she should probably be be grateful she has a family (and not a twinned clone). The beep sounds in the phone.

"Hi, Sharon, it's Jaye. I'm dating a cheeeeeeeerleadeeeeeer. Bye."

She hangs up. Mwahahahaha.

[If you're hanging around outside in the morning, feel free to say hi.]
Jaye wakes up- on the floor with a blanket and the floppy bunny toy because the bed is too high- to a ringing phone. And sticky hands because Angela says you can't take baths which is okay because baths are bad. And glitter still all over her. And a growling tummy. She had a lollipop and candy from Rory for dinner. It might seem like real food to a brand-new-four-year-old, but it's not.

She finds the phone on the desk, and she has to climb up onto the chair to get it. "HI!" she says to the other person.

wee linkdrop in phone call yay )

And throws the phone on the floor to hang it up.
Jaye's mostly over her hangover. Because really, as hangovers go, it could have been sooooo much worse. Once she's gotten rid of the headache, she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )


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