Jaye was supposed to be studying. Alexis had moved out over the summer, leaving Jaye with a new and terrifyingly silent roommate whose name she couldn't remember, so she'd privately renamed her Jane Doe. And Jane Doe never seemed to leave the room except for classes. Ever. It was getting creepy. So while Jane Doe was at class, Jaye figured she should do something productive.

Instead, she picked up her phone and left a message.

There. Now she could continue to not work while feeling better about herself.
It was somewhere around 6 am when Alexis finally wandered in from the night before, making a racket as she half-drunkenly fumbled with the door and bumped into something on the way into the room.

Which did not make Jaye happy. Even as a toddler Jaye didn't appreciate early wakeup times. It went against the natural order, or something. She'd heard Aaron say that once, it sounded good. So she threw the covers off over her head and sat up, attempting to put her hands on her hips even if she missed by a good few inches and put her hands on her ribs instead. "Do you mind?"

Alexis stared at her, squinted through bleary eyes, and responded, "Fuck no, I'm not babysitting," and made her way back towards the door.

"Bad word!" Jaye yelled at the closing door.

People, there was a reason you didn't use curse words around small impressionable children. Because for the rest of the weekend, the students of an Ivy League school were going to have a tiny, unattended child showing them how she knew a new word.

[Mostly establishy, but can be open for calls with the caveat that she still doesn't know how to hang up. Also, if you can handle me gymming it first.]
Last night had kind of sucked. Jaye didn't have an issue with Valentine's Day at all, but when Alexis' boyfriend hadn't, in fact, been carted off by America's Most Wanted, it meant that Jaye had gotten sexiled again. And, of course, no one went to a bar on February 14, as it was all either couples, or scary losers looking at the couples and practically screaming "WHY DON'T I HAVE THAT."

Of course, the day after Valentine's Day was another story. People were more normal today, save for those poor saps who'd had the injustice of being kicked to the curb for the holiday and were still sulking, or just found out that they needed to sulk and were trying to make up for it.

Jaye was here mainly to watch the show.

cut for things a happening )
Jaye had had a rough night. And for once it had nothing to do with the animals. No, it had to do with her roommate. And her roommate's boyfriend. And karmic payback for that time with Alec in Seahorse, she was sure of it. ...Or maybe that other time in Seahorse, look, who was counting?

Alexis had been gone most of the evening, so Jaye at least had time to work on her philosophy paper (the one she actually liked writing as it was mostly just making BS sound deep), but she hadn't yet finished when she could hear that screechy voice from outside the window. Which was closed. Either Alexis had the most annoying voice ever, or Jaye had managed to fine tune hearing those frequencies for prime bitch readiness.

She got up from her desk to look out the window, and saw Alexis heading up towards the dorms. With the boyfriend. Meaning Jaye was likely to get sexiled.

See? Prime bitch readiness. Which was why Jaye was getting out her phone, and finding that yes, she did indeed still have the America's Most Wanted tipster line in her phone book. She was pretty sure nothing would actually happen to the boyfriend, but it'd keep him out of her room. So... win/win.

[Open if you should want to call post-fake tip, but mainly I just had to do this. Remember kids, fake tips are wrong.]
Jaye was supposed to be sleeping. She wasn't. No, she was listening to the dulcet tones of her animal chorus as they massacred something new by Britney Spears. She didn't understand it. She'd even tried forbidding them from listening to the radio for this very reason.

"You can stop at any time," Jaye said aloud to her ceiling. "I can't exactly do anything right now. It has to wait till morning anyway."

From the bed on the other side of the very small dorm room, Alexis groaned, "Jaye. It's 3 am. I'm trying to get to sleep. Will you stop your crazy freak speech now?"

Jaye could have. But in fact, she didn't really like her roommate at all. Her ultimate plan was actually to make her move out so she could have the room to herself, and all she had to do was be herself. It was brilliant, if she didn't say so herself. Except where she was totally thinking so. "No."

Alexis groaned again- she was getting very good at sounding put-upon via vocal gesture, and got out of bed. "I'm spending the night at Brad's. Good luck with the narcolepsy."

"Insomnia," Jaye corrected, frowning at her. "The hell? You go to Brown, you should know better."

Another sigh, which Jaye imagined was accompanied by an eyeroll, and she just tried to leave. And by the "OW" that followed, Alexis probably had a mighty toe stubbing incident in the dark room, before she could get to the door to let some light in.

As soon as she was gone, Jaye just grinned and said, "Sucker," followed by, "No, really, you guys can stop now."


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