It was somewhere around 6 am when Alexis finally wandered in from the night before, making a racket as she half-drunkenly fumbled with the door and bumped into something on the way into the room.

Which did not make Jaye happy. Even as a toddler Jaye didn't appreciate early wakeup times. It went against the natural order, or something. She'd heard Aaron say that once, it sounded good. So she threw the covers off over her head and sat up, attempting to put her hands on her hips even if she missed by a good few inches and put her hands on her ribs instead. "Do you mind?"

Alexis stared at her, squinted through bleary eyes, and responded, "Fuck no, I'm not babysitting," and made her way back towards the door.

"Bad word!" Jaye yelled at the closing door.

People, there was a reason you didn't use curse words around small impressionable children. Because for the rest of the weekend, the students of an Ivy League school were going to have a tiny, unattended child showing them how she knew a new word.

[Mostly establishy, but can be open for calls with the caveat that she still doesn't know how to hang up. Also, if you can handle me gymming it first.]
Jaye woke up bright and early, way earlier than she usually did. The first thing she noticed was how huge the bed was, and so trying to get out of it pretty much meant she fell out, and then quickly stood up to make sure no one saw that. Still, maybe she could get a band-aid out of it.

The phone started ringing, which meant she had to race to get it before anyone else, not yet realizing she was alone in the apartment. She found the phone on a table and picked it up with an almost polite, "Hello?" This was probably the only age where Jaye could be associated with the word 'polite'.

"Jaye? You're not Jaye. I need to talk to my sister," Sharon said from the other line. "God, please don't tell me anyone let her babysit. It's a miracle you're not in jail already."

She frowned. "You talk too much," she declared, and then with Sharon still protesting, Jaye hid the phone under a couch cushion and decided to go about her day where there were no phones.

[Establishy! YAY WEETINY.]
Jaye wakes up, and she is sticky and dirty and covered in glitter and she hasn't bathed since Friday morning due to plague worries and her cell phone battery is dying and beeping at her.

Of all things, she's just really glad she didn't tell Crazy Hooker who she was. And hoped Scary Mute Ninja enjoyed the muffin.

"What the hell," she says, and gets up to head into the shower for an hour or two.
Jaye got smart. First she threw the phone up onto her pillow. Then she pulled the chair over and is climbing on that to leap onto her bed. She gets yelled at if she does that at home. Then she pulls the covers up and closes her eyes.

And gets a call about an hour later. She blinks wearily, and picks up the phone.

wee!tired phone call! )

"What the hell," says Jaye as a goodbye, and throws the phone down. And goes to sleep.
Jaye wakes up- on the floor with a blanket and the floppy bunny toy because the bed is too high- to a ringing phone. And sticky hands because Angela says you can't take baths which is okay because baths are bad. And glitter still all over her. And a growling tummy. She had a lollipop and candy from Rory for dinner. It might seem like real food to a brand-new-four-year-old, but it's not.

She finds the phone on the desk, and she has to climb up onto the chair to get it. "HI!" she says to the other person.

wee linkdrop in phone call yay )

And throws the phone on the floor to hang it up.
Jaye has had sugar, had a story, and had glitter. So... girl's a mess.

And her phone is ringing. She picks it up like she did before, greeing the other person with "What the hell!"

"Jaye?" Sharon says. "Are you okay? We've been trying to call you. Mahandra said something happened to you-"

"Bye!" says Jaye, and throws the phone down to hang up. The floppy bunny toy is much more interesting, and she plays with that, ignoring Sharon's voice from the not-hung-up phone.
For whatever reason, the animals aren't talking. Maybe they're just as freaked out by wee!Jaye as Jaye would be if she weren't having too much fun being wee. Or maybe they're more freaked out by the fact that Jaye keeps calling them cute.

ring, ring )

She hungs up, or at least thinks she does. Mostly, she forgets to press 'end' and throws the phone down like that'll do it. Give her a break, she's wee. And she spends a little bit debating whether to make the animals have a tea party. And decides that's icky and she doesn't wanna.

She'll go walking around instead.


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