After popping onto the island for a visit yesterday, she got a room at the Arms, because why not blow money when she'd probably just be back here for homecoming anyway. This was a mistake.

She didn't wake up thinking 'who am I' or anything, but once she'd moved around the room and woken up a bit, she started wondering why she was in a hotel room. Sadly- and this said a lot about Jaye- her first action was to go into the bathroom and make sure there was no one passed out in a tub full of ice in there.

There wasn't. Just for the record.

This left her standing in the middle of the room in her pajamas, wondering what the hell was going on and what she was doing, when all of a sudden out of the corner of her eye, she saw the little wax lion on her nightstand turn to her and say, "Good morning, sunshine!"

So that completely high-pitched screaming you heard? Yep, that would be what that was about.

[This is what happens when you bring your characters back on a whim. Open to anyone who might've heard the shrieking.]
Jaye had had a bad morning, what with the being driven off a cliff, and the subsequent reconstructive surgery at an exclusive Swiss clinic, and today, now that she was finally at home, she could take the bandages off.

As the dramatic music swelled, the bandages slowly came off, and Jaye looked at her perfectly made-up brand new face in the mirror.

Okay, she was sort of hot. Still, she might have to go evil, or something, because of this.

[What the hell, open if you want.]
Jaye had figured something out. Blame sleep deprivation, if you will. There was 'so late it was technically morning' and there was 'so early it was technically hell.' That was where she was now.

So she'd reported that Angelus was in a cell somewhere, so she figured while she was still nice and prepared with the water guns and... did garlic actually work? Maybe she should pay more attention. Anyway, she thought she was pretty safe right now, so that wasn't keeping her awake.

However, the animal chorus of Save the doc had turned into a chorus of "My Humps", which Jaye suspected had less to do with the whole catchy song theme of the day and more to do with them being total and complete bastards.
After getting in to town and finding out she got here just in time for a brand new chapter of the Angelus saga when she could have been back in LA, happily doing nothing where it was nice and safe, or even packing her ass up and headeding back to Nigara, Jaye wasn't going to be sleeping well anyway.

Add to that the fact that anytime she thought she was going to drift off, she'd hear something or other pipe up Save the doc she was pretty sure she was going to have to do something drastic, like... well, something more drastic than anything her sleep-deprived brain could come up with at... what time was it again?

Save the doc.

"Screw you, it's your fault I'm here," she yelled back at it, rolling onto her side and pulling her pillow over her head.


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