Jaye was spending her Saturday night packing. A bunch of her stuff she'd sent ahead, though let's see how Portalocity handled that, those bastards. And as much as she didn't mind LA (it was weird, which she liked, but it was weird), it would be nice to get back to Fandom (which was also weird).

Maybe she should have let her parents knew she was moving to a different state.

[Open if the LA residents want to show. Jaye'll be heading off in the AM.]
Jaye came back to her room, listening to her voicemail and cursing herself out that she hadn't managed drunk dials at Rory and Anakin's wedding. Maybe next time. In fact, she'd make it a mission next time. If she felt like it.

And while listening, she tossed the mail in her hands into two piles: magazines and 'things I don't want to deal with', which covered all else. When she saw the one letter addressed to her in writing she didn't really recognize, she was more curious to figure out what the lumpy things inside were rather than who sent it.

The glee over getting to go back to Fandom, though, was dampered by the following thought: "Wait, summer job?"
Jaye had a hard night, and once the cab dropped her off and she'd paid a very large tab with Kristine's credit card, she just wanted to go back up to her room and crash very hard. And maybe ditch class so she could sleep in. Mmmm ditching.

However, she needed to check one more thing before she had to get started on that ditching and sleeping thing, and so she checked her voicemail.

And decided there was no way to top that, and he'd have to tell her who won. Even if she was sure he'd lie.
The animals had started singing late, thusly waking her up. That was around two am. She finally got to sleep around five when she stuck in some earplugs and risked suffocation by piling pillows on top of her head.

This meant that she finally woke up around ten or so, knocking the pillows off her head as she sat up. "WOULD YOU STOP ALREADY?" she demanded.

They all stopped, except for that one overly enthusiastic, off-key snake.

"You see what you do to me? I dream that bears are leaving me voicemails now. I blame you," she accused.

[Establishy, la]
Technically, Jaye was on the phone. Well, okay, she was on the phone, it was just that she wasn't actually listening. She was channel surfing and that really took all her focus right now.

"I really wish you had at least tried to come home," Karen was saying. "If not for your birthday, than for the holiday."

"I really couldn't, Mom. School and all, you know." Not that Jaye had classes till like, Wednesday. Was it Wednesday? She'd have to check.

"Tell me you're at least spending it with people and not being antisocial like usual."

"Oh, don't worry, I have plans." Like printing off and attaching labels to bottles of crazy. And maybe seeing if her fake ID would come in handy now that it said she was twenty-two. "I'm totally fine here. You know, Mom, I have to go. Happy Earth Day or whatever."

"Easter, Jaye," Karen said, half-sighing.

"Sure, okay. Bye, Mom."

And once she hung up, it was time to find something on TV.
Jaye had had a crappy day. There was animal singing that had her out of bed at 4 am on a Saturday, there was having to head to a stupid library for research for a stupid paper, and then there was that whole thing where a shelf fell down (okay, fine, she'd had to push it down) and while it got all the people that needed to get talking to talk, it also meant someone called the cops and she had to talk to them for way too long and she'd like to just forget today happened.

Except first she had to check her mail, and by god, was she glad she did.

She'd still be having a giggle fit an hour from now.
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Jaye was having an oh-so productive day in the office. If 'productive' meant 'sitting around and catching up on TMZ'. She'd taken to screening calls under the guise that she... actually she'd just taken to screening calls. Screw guises.

Halfway through reading through the entries marked 'Celebrity Justice', Jaye heard a-

Go back to the weird place.

She looked over at the lion standing in its usual place on the desk. "Could you maybe narrow it down a little? You do realize where we are, right?"

The lion's head tilted in what could only be construed as his version of 'are you serious?'

You know which one.

It was about half a second later that it dinged in Jaye's head. "Oh, hey, okay," she said, opening up a new window to open up Portalocity. "You know, I don't mind you when you tell me things I like to hear. You should do it more often."
Jaye spent her weekend in the 49th century.

Jaye's weekend kicked ass.

So she was more than a little disappointed to have to go back to real life, with its work and- ugh- classes and general Jacklessness. "Sure you don't want to stay?" she asked on the way up to the front door of the hotel. "We could totally get a cool place nearby and be like a buddy comedy."
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To be honest, Jaye doesn't really care. Honestly, the only reason she even bothered to pick up any of the Barry Plodder books at all was because it was fun to bitch about them in front of fans and watch them lose it.

So ten hours after starting the damn thing, Jaye drops the book she's been reading in bed onto her lap and raises her arms in victory. "Done!!!" she says, with all three exclamation points.

And then begins to realize she forgot to do things like eat today. Oops.

[Establishy cuz I couldn't resist. La.]
Just about the time it starts to get dark, there might be a familiarish voice from the hotel lobby calling "Helloooooo?"

A second later, Jaye's calling it again, this time listening for the echo. She might have to just keep doing it until someone shows, or she hears the echo. Whichever comes first.


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