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It was actually kind of busy at the store today. A lot of people who'd been to Niagara for New Year's were leaving to get back to work tomorrow, which meant last-minute souvenir shopping, which meant Jaye had a lot of people to mostly ignore. And when she got bored of them, she started playing on her phone. Which was when she saw the voicemail from the radio station (???) and decided to listen to it.

There were not words for this kind of joy. If you'd ever experienced the miracle of life, or gotten literally everything you ever wanted in life, or, who knows, saw a really pretty sunset once or whatever, suck it, you know nothing.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" the Mouthbreather asked as Jaye headed to the break room.

"On break," she said.

"You just took one."

"Then I'm going on lunch," she said.

And actually, it did take almost an hour of her checking Portalocity, trying to book stuff, and then getting on hold with customer service as they told her they didn't have any portals out of her dimension until next week.

It probably didn't do any good when she replied that everyone there was fired.

[NFB, NFI, la la laaaaaaaa.]
Jaye was at work. Which meant that she was present, but not so much that she was actually doing anything. Naturally.

She'd gotten a job in a gift shop by the falls, which barely paid enough to pay for her trailer, but at least she got to snark on tourists. Not that there were many around right now, because it was freezing in most areas of the country and giant waterfalls were probably not a big draw right now. So she was keeping herself "busy" by rearranging knickknacks. Or she was picking them up and putting them right back down in the same place again, whatever.

[For me!]
Wakes and funerals were pretty much the worst things ever to begin with, and it was so much worse when you were related to the person. It was all tears and "Do you remember how he used to" and forced socialization with family members you tried to avoid on a normal basis. Plus everything smelled like embalming fluid and calla lilies and she would not be convinced otherwise. So if you didn't mind, Jaye was going to find a corner unoccupied by anyone else and hang out with her drink. Which was nonalcoholic, because alcohol wasn't available, and did anyone else see anything wrong with that?

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[Had to. NFB, NFI, SDCC.]
It was Jaye's 21st birthday. Screw classes. She spent the first part of it driving back to Niagara Falls without saying a word to her family she wanted to enjoy this thank you and goodbye, to hang out with Mahandra before they headed off to the bar where she worked.

Since Mahandra wasn't working tonight, she too a seat next to Jaye and called over the bar, "We're going to be needing drinks over here. Card her, okay? She'll like it."

When asked for ID, Jaye turned over her brand new driver's license, a real one that said she was 21 instead of a fake one that said she was 21, and the bartender got her a beer. "You know, you're right? This is kind of awesome."

"Told you," Mahandra said. "But you didn't wanna listen."

Jaye took her first sip, put the bottle down, and decided, "Aaaaand now drinking seems to have lost some of its fun." Now that it was legal. Dammit.

The bartender frowned. "...Haven't you been coming here for like two years?"

[She did bring her phone with her, should anyone want to call.]
Jaye's Thanksgiving hadn't been that bad. She'd been forced to go off with her family to her cousins' for the holidays, which was made bearable by the fact that there was more than enough wine available while they waited three freaking hours for the food to finish cooking. In her opinion, if you said dinner was at four, dinner should damn well be at four, and then you could leave.

Just before dinner, Jaye excused herself to the bathroom, mostly just because it got her out of an awkward "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" conversation. Happy to be free for at least a couple minutes, Jaye locked the door and looked up-

And every rubber duckie on the shower curtain looked toward her at once.

Jaye opened the door and stepped back outside. "Um. Is there another bathroom in the house?" she asked her uncle, passing by on his way back to the kitchen.

"No, we're remodeling the other one. That's the only one," he told her.

Jaye frowned. This was not going to work for her.

"Jaye! There's a burger here with your name on it!"

Jaye sighed and tried not to roll her eyes. "Thanks, Dad, but I've already got clogged arteries from the last three named Jaye," she called back.

"Okay, but if you don't claim it, it's going to Aaron," Darrin warned.

"I'd love one, Dad," said Aaron, giving his sister the look of someone who really didn't want his fifth burger of the cookout, but was more concerned with kissing ass.

Jaye'd been here a couple hours now, and by now was pulling out her cell phone to check the time and see if she could make a reasonable escape yet. This much time with her family, there needed to be a limit on it.

"Are you looking at the time again?" asked Sharon, sitting in one of the plastic lawn chairs to light up a cigarette next to her.

"No. I got a text," she lied.

"Because you can't leave yet. Mom got cake," Sharon told her.

Jaye sighed, bowing her head in defeat. There was a bakery her mom went to- or rather, that she made Yvette go to- that had seriously some of the best cake she'd ever had, and there was no way she could pass it up knowing it was there and she only had to hold out until her dad finally got tired of the grill or burned up all the charcoal or something. "Dammit."

[Establishy, cuz I love holidays with the Tylers, though she'd love anyone who called her today.]
Sometime after the cop car drove away with Pete- catching someone up on fencing charges was hard work- leaving Jaye standing on the curb, waving with her bepuppeted hand, she had a sudden thought.

"Wow am I glad I didn't leave a note on that Mercedes," she said, shaking her head and looking at the puppet. "Ready to go home?"

[Establishy. I dunno, I think she's getting crazier.]
Jaye was not at her parents' Thanksgiving this year. No, she was at her parents' friends' Thanksgiving this year, which for all she could gather had been arranged solely to hook Sharon up with their oldest son. Which 1) NO, and 2) he was spending more time leering at Jaye, which she hadn't signed on for.

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Jaye didn't notice anything at first when she woke up. She'd missed out on most of the Fandom weirdness that everyone else had experienced, which was fine by her, since it meant that she could spend her time laughing and taking pictures instead. It was a really good arrangement for her.

It wasn't until she got up to go drag her sleepy self into the shower and passed her mirror that she noticed that something was a little off. Like oh, her boobs were gone, her hair was suddenly short, and bye bye to all her usual girl features. And- oh god, she had to check. She closed her eyes, pulled the waistband of her sleep pants away from her body, and took a deep breath before looking down.

The screech of "HOW IS THIS EVEN FAIR?" had her mother knocking on her door a moment later. "Jaye, honey? Is everything all right?"

"No-" Oh, hey, that wasn't her voice, either. Jaye cleared her throat, trying to raise her voice a couple octaves, which still sounded a lot like a boy trying to sound like a girl and failing. "I have the plague, go away," she tried, and rushed forward to lock the door suddenly when it occurred to her to do so.

Well, this was just great. Now she was going to have to wait for everyone to go to work and school before she could raid Aaron's closet.

[Open if you want to talk to boy!Jaye. When I wake up, of course.]
Welcome to Jaye Tyler's life post-Fandom. Again.

See, there was an issue with randomly transferring schools on short notice like she'd tried to do: schools didn't work that way. And it didn't really bother her that she couldn't sit in classes all day till next semester. No, that wasn't bothering her at all.

It was the fact that she'd gotten all the way back to Niagara Falls and found that out and thusly had to move back in at home that bothered her. A lot.

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[Establishy, unless someone really really really wants to break up family time via phone call.]
After a few days of being stuck in Portalocity hell (friggin' holidays), Jaye found herself appearing just outside the Tyler house on Christmas afternoon. And she still had no idea where her luggage was, but at least she still had her carryon.

On her way to the door, she checked her phone, and blanched as she heard one of the messages. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad of her to just head back now...

Unfortunately for her, Karen opened the door before Jaye could even get her hand off the knob and flee. "Where have you been?" she asked. "You were supposed to be here two days ago."

Jaye managed a very fake smile. "Merry Christmas!"
It's later in the afernoon when Jaye waits again at the front of her house for a parent. This time, at least, her mom's there with her, waiting by the car. Karen isn't saying anything, but still, she's there.

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Jaye's been a little on the bored side today. She hung out with Mahandra in the morning, then spent part of her afternoon dodging Sharon and Aaron by hiding out in her room and trying to keep busy. Which works for about five minutes.

Finally she heads back downstairs, where Yvette is supposed to be making faux-Thanksgiving dinner, and the rest of the family is being unhelpful.

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The bad part about being pissed off that your family scheduled a trip for you and not calling them because of it is that sometimes it means you don't get picked up at the bus station. Which is why Jaye is taking a cab home. She's spent most of the time looking in the rearview mirror at the fact that the mole on the cab-driver-of-an-undetermined-nationality's face. She's pretty sure it moves on its own.

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[NFB due to distance.]
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