After visiting Lorelai, Jaye comes back to her room, takes a nap, and finally checks her voicemail. And while she has no idea what she said on the phone yesterday, at least it sounded like it could have been worse.

She leaves the door open, just in case.
It's a good thing Jaye doesn't have classes on Thursday, or she would have slept right through them. Or one of them. The morning one. Whatever, her brain still isn't caught up after last night.

Surprisingly, she's in her own bed, and not on the floor of the radio room. Someone even left out water for her. That was nice, which pretty much counts out Aeryn and Hermione. Jaye sits up, and ow her head, and drinks about half of it right then before flopping down on the bed again. It's probably a good thing she hasn't checked her messages yet.

Glaring at the stupid sun and the stupid windows that let in stupid light, she mumbles, "I have to stop getting drunk for radio."

[Open for anyone who wants to poke at the hungover girl.]
Jaye's in her room with the door open, looking at a bottle of Jim Beam and the Little Wooden Boy Dave on her desk in turn. She looks like she's making a serious choice here.

[Entertain me.]
Jaye gets back from photography, already struggling with her purse in an attempt to get to her cell phone.

ring, ring )

[Omg, I have a few hours until I have to be anywhere! Door's open, come play!]
Jaye doesn't have to be anywhere till afternoon, thank god, because it might take her that long to get over the freakout over having told her date that inanimate objects talk to her. Even if he was kind of okay with it. That might have been because he was having his own verbal hemmorrhage, though.

He's still here, too, which makes Jaye really hope that whatever happened ended like at midnight or something. She's just going to lay here and just kind of go over things in her head. And the longer he sleeps, the more curious she's going to get, let's face it.
Jaye has managed to clean up a little. Just a teensy bit, considering that as soon as she got back to the cabins and had a double all to herself her possessions kind of exploded. But whatever, company. She leaves the door open.

[Hi, Alec!]
When Jaye gets back to her room Friday evening, there are frogs in front of her door. "Okay, this? Doesn't make me happy," she tells them.

They don't even notice.

"Shoo," she says, gesturing wildly like they'll care.

They don't.

Jaye sighs, opens her door, and at least two try to follow her in when she steps over them. "Nooooo," she says. "You stay there!"

The frogs ignore her.

[Door? Still open.]
Before work, Jaye can be found glaring at the animals gathered back on their shelves. Two weeks of sleep deprivation and trying to hook up a whore who doesn't care with a bakery clerk that thinks she's a jailbait pimp, getting sidetracked by making two people she hates talk for some reason that probably amounts to making her life a living hell, and then SHE GETS ANOTHER SEEMINGLY COMPLETELY UNRELATED MESSAGE. And gets to have a psychotic breakdown in front of the fake magician and not-Rory the whore.

"You know," the tells the animals, "you're sadists."

They don't answer.

"This? Not cool. Nuh uh."

They don't care, either.

Jaye walks up to the lion, bending to look him right in his little wax eye. Which is kind of disturbing. "What do you want from me?" she asks.

Not that he answers.

Jaye turns the lion to face the wall, and gets her stuff in case the theater is actually open for her to go to work today.
As she packs, Jaye secretly wonders if she could pay someone to pretend to be her, and send them home in her place. She doesn't actually know what Sharon said to her parents after her visit, and there's kind of been some stuff happening since then that she'd love to avoid telling them. She'd really rather just stay.
When Jaye wakes up and turns on the radio, she's expecting her FDA approved daily minimum requirement of snark. She's not expecting to hear tales of blood and gore. It's not on the agenda, you know?

Hearing about Marty, she places a quick call to Angela, not expecting a call back but hoping she gets one because she's a teensy bit freaked. Zombies she could deal with. This was a little beyond that.
Jaye hasn't slept. At all. She's tried. She's tried earplugs, and pillows over her head, and sticking them into the closet. At one point she put them in the bathroom and turned on the shower, to no avail.


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