Jaye's had an interesting weekend. There was checking on Alec after he ended up in the clinic. And kind of freaked out over that, which she hadn't expected. And then there was saying goodbye to Veronica and "welcoming" the newbies, where she'd gotten to mess with some people, actually talk to some others. And then there was that whole bit where she turned down a guy because of the guy she's already dating, and she got to feel better about it given that Jack's the same way with his situation.

And then there was that whole bit where she found out that the guy she's really been feeling great about is sleeping with his doppleganger.

As soon as Jaye gets to her room, she closes the door and goes for her phone.

ring, ring )
Jaye's camped out in her room, watching her Misguided DVD's.

All animals have been shoved under the bed. They're trying to sing. Jaye's ignoring them.

Door's open.
Jaye's taking it pretty easy tonight. She's sitting on the bed, flipping through Weekly World News (yes, that Weekly World News) and listening to music. Okay, not so much listening to music. More like listening to her phone go off several thousand times while her mom tries to call her. Jaye's pretty sure she should pick up the phone, but she likes the ringtone.

[Anyone who needs to talk to her, here you go!

ETA: Apparently LJ is sucking ASS right now for me, along with AIM, so I'm tagging back as soon as I can! *flails at connection*]
Jaye's got most of her Christmas shopping done. Most of it. She's pretty sure she knows almost the entire school at this point, which makes it hard to keep track of everyone. But she's getting there, and now what she does have is all pretty and wrapped. Oh, if only she didn't have to go hunt everyone down, it would be so much easier. < /dramatical narrative >

She wishes really hard, and if people just show up, that would be awesome.

and we have gifts so far for: )


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