Today Jaye made a grave mistake.

Today Jaye told her family where she'd ended up. No, she hadn't before now, are you kidding? If it were really up to her she wouldn't even give them her phone number. No, not really.

Every once in a while she'd hold the phone away from her ear when she got tired of listening, and anyone who stopped in or maybe even passed by could hear Sharon's voice saying things like, "That place turned you into a crazy person," and "It's nothing but all Democrats, all the time!" or "If you call me again pretending you're three like that one time, so help me-"
Over the last few years, Jaye had accumulated quite the rap sheet. Shoplifting (she'd gotten good enough to not get caught anymore), hit and run, vandalism... And it was all because of those stupid talky animals.

This time was absolutely no different.

In fact, the guard who let her go make her one phone call even greeted her with "Hey, Jaye." She gave him an irritated little wave and dialed the number she knew by heart, even in this age of speed dial. and so it goes )
Jaye was not at her parents' Thanksgiving this year. No, she was at her parents' friends' Thanksgiving this year, which for all she could gather had been arranged solely to hook Sharon up with their oldest son. Which 1) NO, and 2) he was spending more time leering at Jaye, which she hadn't signed on for.

because it's not thanksgiving for me without a jaye post )
Welcome to Jaye Tyler's life post-Fandom. Again.

See, there was an issue with randomly transferring schools on short notice like she'd tried to do: schools didn't work that way. And it didn't really bother her that she couldn't sit in classes all day till next semester. No, that wasn't bothering her at all.

It was the fact that she'd gotten all the way back to Niagara Falls and found that out and thusly had to move back in at home that bothered her. A lot.

i've been meaning to do this for weeks, people )

[Establishy, unless someone really really really wants to break up family time via phone call.]
Jaye woke up bright and early, way earlier than she usually did. The first thing she noticed was how huge the bed was, and so trying to get out of it pretty much meant she fell out, and then quickly stood up to make sure no one saw that. Still, maybe she could get a band-aid out of it.

The phone started ringing, which meant she had to race to get it before anyone else, not yet realizing she was alone in the apartment. She found the phone on a table and picked it up with an almost polite, "Hello?" This was probably the only age where Jaye could be associated with the word 'polite'.

"Jaye? You're not Jaye. I need to talk to my sister," Sharon said from the other line. "God, please don't tell me anyone let her babysit. It's a miracle you're not in jail already."

She frowned. "You talk too much," she declared, and then with Sharon still protesting, Jaye hid the phone under a couch cushion and decided to go about her day where there were no phones.

[Establishy! YAY WEETINY.]
Jaye could definitely hear the pounding on the bathroom door. She just pretended she didn't.

cut for thanksgiving randomness )
When Jaye brings her mail back up to her room, she's on the phone. "I swear I'm not making rent," she says.

"Mom and Dad paid your rent last month," says Sharon. "I thought you had a job."

"It doesn't pay that well," says Jaye, bending across the dresser to plug in her new iPod to charge. "Seriously, Sharon, I can barely eat."

"And how is that my problem?"

This would be the time that Jaye goes through her mail, and sees a certain postcard. "OhmygodSharonI'vegottago," she says, hanging up quickly.

Not that it doesn't take her that long to read or anything, but still, she needs to have her moment of glee.

After that moment of glee passes, there's a moment of "How about a return address next time!"
After leaving Caritas, Jaye heads back up to the causeway, drops her bags on the ground, and sits on them while she waits for the cab.

And she dials a number.

ring, ring )

And she hangs up right in time for the cab to pull up.

The driver puts her bags in the trunk, and Jaye gets into the backseat with the ant farm in her lap before the car drives away from Fandom.
After leaving the common room and all its ice cream- this place is great for ice cream- Jaye goes to her room and dashes inside when she hears the phone ringing. Picking it up, she says, "Hello?"

And before Sharon can say a full sentence, Jaye says "Hello?" again.

"Jaye, I don't have time for this," Jaye says. "I'm trying to get the information for your-"




"Okay, this isn't funny."

"Hello?" And then she hangs up.

She does this the next two times Sharon tries to call, too. Jaye knows how to use a phone. She's just messing with her.

On her way out to handwavily run some errands before class, Jaye drops her purse while opening the door. She sees her phone fall onto the carpet, and realizes when she picks it up that it's off. And that it's been off since she turned it off post-phone call home at this time last week. Oops.

Since she's not in a rush, she takes a seat on her bed, listening to the messages. All twenty-eight of them. She spends a lot of time just hearing as far as "Jaye, this is your mother" or "WHERE ARE YOU ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?" before deleting them, though, so it doesn't take that long to get through.

The last one she does hear, though, because it's Sharon saying, "Since you didn't call back to say not to, Mom and Dad paid for your bus ticket already. Seriously, Jaye, would it have been that hard just to call back? Whatever. See you on Friday, unless I can get out of it."

Jaye's cursing when she hangs up.

[Openish. I'm around for about an hour and then at work, so SP is love if anyone feels the need to stop by.]
Jaye had been bored, at least until the phone rang. Now she's in the middle of a Conversation.

and here's why )

Jaye's glaring at the phone when she hangs up, and hating Thanksgiving already with hmmm, how many days left?

[Door's open, should anyone feel like visiting.]
at the mall, around fourish )

[NFB due to distance, like radio totally isn't already up. Also, this was up earlier. Really.]
Jaye's had an interesting weekend. There was checking on Alec after he ended up in the clinic. And kind of freaked out over that, which she hadn't expected. And then there was saying goodbye to Veronica and "welcoming" the newbies, where she'd gotten to mess with some people, actually talk to some others. And then there was that whole bit where she turned down a guy because of the guy she's already dating, and she got to feel better about it given that Jack's the same way with his situation.

And then there was that whole bit where she found out that the guy she's really been feeling great about is sleeping with his doppleganger.

As soon as Jaye gets to her room, she closes the door and goes for her phone.

ring, ring )
Jaye's on the bored side, but she already spammed the voicemail of someone who's not even here, and the common room is all the way over there. So, not moving from her splayed position on the bed other than a vague reaching movement, she grabs her phone and dials a number.

ring, ring )

[Door and post is open.]
Jaye has been trying to ignore her phone. It keeps going to voicemail, and then ringing again an again. It's getting annoying, so by the eighth time, she finally picks up.

yay phone )

[If you're around and willing to brave a slow LJ, come on by.]
Jaye spends her early morning being really really careful. Like, taking off her shirt-that-has-not-been-glued-to-her so she can use it as a guard between her and anything she might touch. The shirt is the barrier between her and the clothes she's planning on wearing (and a thorough glue search of them), the wall, everything. This was probably not the sort of shirtlessness Jack was encouraging. So far nothing's been glued, and she can get dressed in full. This actually worries her more. Jaye is good at paranoia, yes. She has practice.

She's still got some time before class, so she heads outside with her phone, and makes a call )

After hanging up, Jaye makes another call, and lucky gets Sharon's voicemail. And really, it occurs to her that after her talk with Alec, she should probably be be grateful she has a family (and not a twinned clone). The beep sounds in the phone.

"Hi, Sharon, it's Jaye. I'm dating a cheeeeeeeerleadeeeeeer. Bye."

She hangs up. Mwahahahaha.

[If you're hanging around outside in the morning, feel free to say hi.]
Jaye has had sugar, had a story, and had glitter. So... girl's a mess.

And her phone is ringing. She picks it up like she did before, greeing the other person with "What the hell!"

"Jaye?" Sharon says. "Are you okay? We've been trying to call you. Mahandra said something happened to you-"

"Bye!" says Jaye, and throws the phone down to hang up. The floppy bunny toy is much more interesting, and she plays with that, ignoring Sharon's voice from the not-hung-up phone.


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