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Jaye got back from Caritas after a few shots in not much time, feeling pretty good about everything. Which was why she picked up her phone when she got to her hotel room.

ring, ring )

So Jaye started making other calls.

The plus was, animals or no, she'd probably sleep tonight. For at least a whole five minutes. Unfortunately she wasn't that drunk.
This is Jaye. This is Jaye making phone calls. Yes, again.

When she's done (for now, at least), she gets up and goes to her dresser to grab the blank "Welcome to Hollywood!" postcard she'd gotten and hadn't managed to write on yet due to not having anything to say. And she still doesn't. What she ends up writing is


with her phone number underneath, and then realizing she doesn't have an address for Jarod. So she writes "JAROD" on the address section, hopes the post office can figure out, and doesn't realize that might be a bad idea just in general.

[Open for the LA group, or should anyone feel like calling back.]
Most of Jaye's stuff has been sent back already, but after packing up what she had in all four alcoves of Pixie D (and a goodbye to Aeryn over the alcove walls that was along the lines of "Good riddance!" "Die in a fire!"), it's time to head back to the dorms for the rest, most of which are somehow still stuffed animals. Which might be a sign she has too damn many of them.

At least they're not talking to her. It's hard to pack when you're threatening inanimate objects.

[Goodbye post, woe!!]
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There is a desk with several kinds of moddable booze on it. There are all the things that go with those seveal kinds of moddable booze, such as cups and shot glasses, because you'd better believe Jaye would have all of that. Also, a few more kinda of snacky things, because nothing goes with alcohol like snacky things.

Also, a fire extinguisher. Because Sam said she'd bring a blowtorch. And Jaye's not that stupid.

Also some more, glitter. It's the Seahorse way. Or, part of it.

[For the Seahorsies, SO's, honorary Seahorsies and little sibs. If you're one of those people, feel free to handwave an invite. Up omg early for time zones and stuff. Also, lookit lookit y'all can see the room! *crams people in there*]
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After class, Jaye finds herself kind of bored. She's caught up on all her shows, Mahandra's still at school, and attempts to call Sharon and bother her are thwarted by that whole thing where she's in court. Though she has tried calling anyway in the hopes that her cell will go off at a critical dramatic moment.

Finally giving up (and also being too lazy to manage a common room), Jaye turns to her laptop, opens a new E-mail, and starts clicking on names.

To: Undisclosed-recipient
From: Jaye Tyler [jaye.tyler@fandomhigh.edu]

So what's up?


[If I don't have the connection to deal with a CR atm, I will try and bring the interaction to me, dammit. Jaye's kind of indiscriminate in her name-clicking, so if you feel like getting an E-mail, be you a student, townie, alumni, teacher, what have you, go ahead and reply.
Will respond to pings when I get home, or more likely, while sneaking online at work.]
To say Jaye was a wee bit wired is an understatement. After dragging their mattresses to the basement, she and Alec had spent the entire weekend down there getting hopped up on nothing but sugar and caffeine and way too little sleep and Operation and seahorse tattoos while getting visits from Buffy and her mom and Rory and Rory's friend and Aaron and Dean who doesn't suck as much when he's giving out sugar and except for meeting Aaron and seeing him at the bar she hadn't even have to leave except when she went ahead and pushed her mattress up four flights of stairs before remembering there is an elevator.

And the reason Jaye was tired is because now she has crashed. Like woah. And her mattress is still on the floor and she's sleeping on it anyway and she might just go to class in her pajamas, if she wakes up on time.
Jaye's vegging, trolling through bad Vanessa Saturn fanfic and occasionally looking over at her laundry like she's expecting it to get up and do itself. It's Fandom. It might.

ring, ring )

She'll call back tomorrow and have a normal conversation, but right now she's just adding this to the list of things she's just not going to talk about with normal people. Seriously, it's getting to be a big list.

[Will be a linkdrop later. Door's closed, but stop by if you feel like it.]
So Coruscant food isn't that bad, and at least Jaye's gotten a few good conversations in with people before she bites the big one not dirty. She didn't get killed by Callisto, and she talked to Elizabeth and talked weird with Tyler and Rory and Sam and Marty and Angela, and Cedric was cute at her and King Dork is still a dork and she planned her funeral with Parker and Alec is under the very sweet but misguided impression that she's not dying. It's the thought that counts, and she likes that thought. Well, at least death will be a less awkward ending than her last couple relationships.

Jaye looks over at the lion sitting on her desk. "You've been quiet lately," she says. "Does that mean I'm completely deadinated tomorrow?"

The lion doesn't answer.

She frowns at it for a long time. "I kind of hate you, you know. Like, a lot. And you're all off key."

The lion doesn't answer, but she could swear the rubber snake looks a little offended.
Jaye's on the bored side, but she already spammed the voicemail of someone who's not even here, and the common room is all the way over there. So, not moving from her splayed position on the bed other than a vague reaching movement, she grabs her phone and dials a number.

ring, ring )

[Door and post is open.]
After the weird guy from next door came over, Jaye closed her door and got drunk. At one point she offered the Little Wooden Boy Dave a shot, but he seems to be clean.

At another point, Jaye started making phone calls.

And then she sets off to the lobby so she can go do her radio broadcast. Because sometimes Jaye's an idiot.

[Locked to those who know who they are.]
Jaye gets back from photography, already struggling with her purse in an attempt to get to her cell phone.

ring, ring )

[Omg, I have a few hours until I have to be anywhere! Door's open, come play!]
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Jaye steps back into her room, and has to glare at it a little. Stupid dorms.

Once she's unpacked and settled in a little, she opens up her laptop.

typey typey typey )

She hits send, and idly wonders why there are no shirtless boys wandering down the hall. So, fixing this, she goes to her desk, picks up the "Shirtlessness Encouraged" sign, and sticks it on the outside of her door. Yes, she took it. No, you shouldn't be surprised.

[Will be a linkdrop, yes. Door's open.]
Hi. Jaye's hungover. Not a shock. And there had been drinking and kissing- hi, Rory and introducing Buffy to boykissy and watching her date make out with himself and telling Sam something she maybe shouldn't have. And the only reason she says that is because Sam didn't go all "Well, when you're ready to tell me what's really up..." She isn't used to that reaction.

She'll freak out later. For now, it's time for water, aspirin, and more sleep. Sleep yay.

[Not open as omg overslept and need to go to work. Yes, this is where my priorities lie. Bite me.]
Jaye spends her early morning being really really careful. Like, taking off her shirt-that-has-not-been-glued-to-her so she can use it as a guard between her and anything she might touch. The shirt is the barrier between her and the clothes she's planning on wearing (and a thorough glue search of them), the wall, everything. This was probably not the sort of shirtlessness Jack was encouraging. So far nothing's been glued, and she can get dressed in full. This actually worries her more. Jaye is good at paranoia, yes. She has practice.

She's still got some time before class, so she heads outside with her phone, and makes a call )

After hanging up, Jaye makes another call, and lucky gets Sharon's voicemail. And really, it occurs to her that after her talk with Alec, she should probably be be grateful she has a family (and not a twinned clone). The beep sounds in the phone.

"Hi, Sharon, it's Jaye. I'm dating a cheeeeeeeerleadeeeeeer. Bye."

She hangs up. Mwahahahaha.

[If you're hanging around outside in the morning, feel free to say hi.]
Jaye has had sugar, had a story, and had glitter. So... girl's a mess.

And her phone is ringing. She picks it up like she did before, greeing the other person with "What the hell!"

"Jaye?" Sharon says. "Are you okay? We've been trying to call you. Mahandra said something happened to you-"

"Bye!" says Jaye, and throws the phone down to hang up. The floppy bunny toy is much more interesting, and she plays with that, ignoring Sharon's voice from the not-hung-up phone.
Jaye's happy enough to have her toaster back. Even if it does have a face. It's on her desk, nice and silent, while she doodles a plan for world domination in her notebook.

No, seriously. She can doodle. It's not like she's gonna do anything about it. It's just a plan for world domination through slacking anyway.

[Door's open!]
After coming back from the common room, Jaye's... in a weird mood. So she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )

Jaye hangs up, pouts at the ceiling for a minute, then gets up and checks her E-mail.

Where she finds the pictures Rory sent her yesterday. Where there was boykissy. And she missed it.

Jaye kind of hates everything today.


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