Jaye was supposed to be studying. Alexis had moved out over the summer, leaving Jaye with a new and terrifyingly silent roommate whose name she couldn't remember, so she'd privately renamed her Jane Doe. And Jane Doe never seemed to leave the room except for classes. Ever. It was getting creepy. So while Jane Doe was at class, Jaye figured she should do something productive.

Instead, she picked up her phone and left a message.

There. Now she could continue to not work while feeling better about herself.
Jaye had a hard night, and once the cab dropped her off and she'd paid a very large tab with Kristine's credit card, she just wanted to go back up to her room and crash very hard. And maybe ditch class so she could sleep in. Mmmm ditching.

However, she needed to check one more thing before she had to get started on that ditching and sleeping thing, and so she checked her voicemail.

And decided there was no way to top that, and he'd have to tell her who won. Even if she was sure he'd lie.
Two hours in a car with Kristine.

Two hours in a car with Kristine, who was drunk and kept either nodding off or sobbing about how much she missed Don- Jaye could have sworn the bf's name was Dan- and even the cab driver kept reminding them that the meter was running and that he didn't have all night. If it wasn't for the fact that her lion in her purse kept telling her to get her home, she'd have ditched her about eight times by now. It wasn't like Kristine was a friend. More like a one night only drinks sugar momma.

cut as this part got long )
About an hour after dragging Kristine from the bar, they were still driving around. Because Kristine couldn't remember how to get to where she lived, and it wasn't like Jaye knew. And considering she wasn't paying for any of this, she wouldn't have cared if it didn't mean riding in the back of a cab with a drunk girl who kept trying to pass out rather than give the driver any actual instructions, or an address.

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All right, so going out Sunday night when she had class and work on Monday was not the smartest move Jaye could have made. But Kristine, one of the girls from Philosophy had just broken up with her boyfriend and decided Jaye was the one to tell her like it is and then after about eight refusals offered to pay for all Jaye's drinks and there she was.

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This is Jaye. This is Jaye making phone calls. Yes, again.

When she's done (for now, at least), she gets up and goes to her dresser to grab the blank "Welcome to Hollywood!" postcard she'd gotten and hadn't managed to write on yet due to not having anything to say. And she still doesn't. What she ends up writing is


with her phone number underneath, and then realizing she doesn't have an address for Jarod. So she writes "JAROD" on the address section, hopes the post office can figure out, and doesn't realize that might be a bad idea just in general.

[Open for the LA group, or should anyone feel like calling back.]
So Coruscant food isn't that bad, and at least Jaye's gotten a few good conversations in with people before she bites the big one not dirty. She didn't get killed by Callisto, and she talked to Elizabeth and talked weird with Tyler and Rory and Sam and Marty and Angela, and Cedric was cute at her and King Dork is still a dork and she planned her funeral with Parker and Alec is under the very sweet but misguided impression that she's not dying. It's the thought that counts, and she likes that thought. Well, at least death will be a less awkward ending than her last couple relationships.

Jaye looks over at the lion sitting on her desk. "You've been quiet lately," she says. "Does that mean I'm completely deadinated tomorrow?"

The lion doesn't answer.

She frowns at it for a long time. "I kind of hate you, you know. Like, a lot. And you're all off key."

The lion doesn't answer, but she could swear the rubber snake looks a little offended.
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God bless PhotoShop.

Jaye's not sure why she's having so much fun with the campaign, because she's not the get-involved type. And no one's forcing her to do it. Which is good, because the amount of animals in her room is more than scary at this point. But whatever, it's fun, and slandering Marty is always good.

Door's open, yay.

[Specifically meant for people who may be coming by for a campaign quote, but anyone's welcome.]
When Jaye wakes up and turns on the radio, she's expecting her FDA approved daily minimum requirement of snark. She's not expecting to hear tales of blood and gore. It's not on the agenda, you know?

Hearing about Marty, she places a quick call to Angela, not expecting a call back but hoping she gets one because she's a teensy bit freaked. Zombies she could deal with. This was a little beyond that.


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