Jaye could have gone home for the weekend. She could have. She wouldn't have of her own free will. Instead she claimed that with classes having already started in what was looking to be her very last semester of college, she was too busy and needed to have her brain in place for the coming week. So Mahandra came to visit her for the night instead.

we were drawn from the weeds )

[Open for calls and emails etc!]
It was Jaye's 21st birthday. Screw classes. She spent the first part of it driving back to Niagara Falls without saying a word to her family she wanted to enjoy this thank you and goodbye, to hang out with Mahandra before they headed off to the bar where she worked.

Since Mahandra wasn't working tonight, she too a seat next to Jaye and called over the bar, "We're going to be needing drinks over here. Card her, okay? She'll like it."

When asked for ID, Jaye turned over her brand new driver's license, a real one that said she was 21 instead of a fake one that said she was 21, and the bartender got her a beer. "You know, you're right? This is kind of awesome."

"Told you," Mahandra said. "But you didn't wanna listen."

Jaye took her first sip, put the bottle down, and decided, "Aaaaand now drinking seems to have lost some of its fun." Now that it was legal. Dammit.

The bartender frowned. "...Haven't you been coming here for like two years?"

[She did bring her phone with her, should anyone want to call.]
Welcome to Jaye Tyler's life post-Fandom. Again.

See, there was an issue with randomly transferring schools on short notice like she'd tried to do: schools didn't work that way. And it didn't really bother her that she couldn't sit in classes all day till next semester. No, that wasn't bothering her at all.

It was the fact that she'd gotten all the way back to Niagara Falls and found that out and thusly had to move back in at home that bothered her. A lot.

i've been meaning to do this for weeks, people )

[Establishy, unless someone really really really wants to break up family time via phone call.]
When Mahandra called, she probably shouldn't have asked, "What are you doing?"

Because Jaye's answer was, "Nothing. Sniffing my hair."

"...Why are you sniffing your hair?" Call that the standard response.

"I have no idea," Jaye said. "I just noticed it smells really good."

"New shampoo?"

"Nope. I don't know."

"Huh. So Ijust got off work, and I have to tell you about this guy I had to deal with, and- Um, Jaye? Did I just hear you sniffing your hair?"


"Well, anyway, he came in, demanded atable even though we were busy, and okay I know I heard it that time."

"I can't help it," Jaye protested. "I'm trying to figure out what it smells like. Seriously, it's really good."

"I'm going to leave you two alone," Mahandra decided. "Call me later."

"Got it," Jaye agreed before hanging up. And sniffing again, she actually had to ask aloud, "Is that pomegranate? Why the hell would I smell like pomegranate?"

[Welcome to my last two days. Open, I guess, if you wanna visit the girl above the theater.]
fates_jaye: (at the bar)
Jaye got back from Caritas after a few shots in not much time, feeling pretty good about everything. Which was why she picked up her phone when she got to her hotel room.

ring, ring )

So Jaye started making other calls.

The plus was, animals or no, she'd probably sleep tonight. For at least a whole five minutes. Unfortunately she wasn't that drunk.
Jaye was getting her own car already. She'd made that decision the instant she picked up her phone and heard Mahandra ask, "And where were you all weekend? I called four times. Maybe five. I know it was about an entire hands' worth of calling."
cut for phone call! )
When Jaye's phone rings, she realizes she could go outside to take the call. Then she realizes she has like fifteen other people in the cabin and decides they can listen to her babble.

ring, ring )

Once she's off the phone with Mahandra, she finally returns a call and tries not to think too hard on that week and a half thing.

[Pretty open, especially if you're in Pixie or have kidnap plans.]
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When Jaye gets on her laptop, she doesn't have time to do anything before she's accosted by an IM.

cut, la )

As soon as she's logged off, she types up a quick E-mail and hits send. If nothing else, this goes against the name of all things Seahorse.

...Okay, it totally doesn't, but she's in a bad mood.
There's no shows needing to be downloaded, the common rooms can be scary if you're not in the right mind for it, and it's Jaye's last day of freedom before classes start.

Hm. This calls for a phone conversation.

ring, ring )

[Open, as is the door, though I might be a teensy bit slow.]
"...But I don't wanna," Jaye was saying into the phone.

"Oh, shh. We haven't seen you in a while," Mahandra told her. "You can put up with everyone on a weekend when you're pretty much contractually obligated by blood to do so."

"But I don't wanna," Jaye insisted.

Mahandra sighed. "You're four."

"No, I was that in May. Now I'm just petulant."

"...You're so weird. Worse comes to worse, you can come stay with my family. Throw a fit, head out, you're in the clear."

Jaye perked up a little at that. "Ooh."

[Pending net workage, Jaye will be around starting tonight to tell people of the wonders of Thanksgiving. If you replied to this post to tell me you want an invite, you'll get one. If you haven't yet and want in, just reply there or ping me and you'll get it.]
Jaye's spent a lot of time frowning at her closet. The door's closed. She can't see anything. She's still frowning. It's probably just as well she can't see inside, because then she'll just start thinking the dress is pretty and forget the feeling of "WTF" for a while.

So she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )

[Mostly just establishy. Cuz I hadn't written Mahandra in far too long. *g*]
at the mall, around fourish )

[NFB due to distance, like radio totally isn't already up. Also, this was up earlier. Really.]
Jaye's vegging, trolling through bad Vanessa Saturn fanfic and occasionally looking over at her laundry like she's expecting it to get up and do itself. It's Fandom. It might.

ring, ring )

She'll call back tomorrow and have a normal conversation, but right now she's just adding this to the list of things she's just not going to talk about with normal people. Seriously, it's getting to be a big list.

[Will be a linkdrop later. Door's closed, but stop by if you feel like it.]
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Jaye steps back into her room, and has to glare at it a little. Stupid dorms.

Once she's unpacked and settled in a little, she opens up her laptop.

typey typey typey )

She hits send, and idly wonders why there are no shirtless boys wandering down the hall. So, fixing this, she goes to her desk, picks up the "Shirtlessness Encouraged" sign, and sticks it on the outside of her door. Yes, she took it. No, you shouldn't be surprised.

[Will be a linkdrop, yes. Door's open.]
Jaye spends her early morning being really really careful. Like, taking off her shirt-that-has-not-been-glued-to-her so she can use it as a guard between her and anything she might touch. The shirt is the barrier between her and the clothes she's planning on wearing (and a thorough glue search of them), the wall, everything. This was probably not the sort of shirtlessness Jack was encouraging. So far nothing's been glued, and she can get dressed in full. This actually worries her more. Jaye is good at paranoia, yes. She has practice.

She's still got some time before class, so she heads outside with her phone, and makes a call )

After hanging up, Jaye makes another call, and lucky gets Sharon's voicemail. And really, it occurs to her that after her talk with Alec, she should probably be be grateful she has a family (and not a twinned clone). The beep sounds in the phone.

"Hi, Sharon, it's Jaye. I'm dating a cheeeeeeeerleadeeeeeer. Bye."

She hangs up. Mwahahahaha.

[If you're hanging around outside in the morning, feel free to say hi.]
Jaye's mostly over her hangover. Because really, as hangovers go, it could have been sooooo much worse. Once she's gotten rid of the headache, she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )


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