Welcome to Jaye Tyler's life post-Fandom. Again.

See, there was an issue with randomly transferring schools on short notice like she'd tried to do: schools didn't work that way. And it didn't really bother her that she couldn't sit in classes all day till next semester. No, that wasn't bothering her at all.

It was the fact that she'd gotten all the way back to Niagara Falls and found that out and thusly had to move back in at home that bothered her. A lot.

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[Establishy, unless someone really really really wants to break up family time via phone call.]
Technically, Jaye was on the phone. Well, okay, she was on the phone, it was just that she wasn't actually listening. She was channel surfing and that really took all her focus right now.

"I really wish you had at least tried to come home," Karen was saying. "If not for your birthday, than for the holiday."

"I really couldn't, Mom. School and all, you know." Not that Jaye had classes till like, Wednesday. Was it Wednesday? She'd have to check.

"Tell me you're at least spending it with people and not being antisocial like usual."

"Oh, don't worry, I have plans." Like printing off and attaching labels to bottles of crazy. And maybe seeing if her fake ID would come in handy now that it said she was twenty-two. "I'm totally fine here. You know, Mom, I have to go. Happy Earth Day or whatever."

"Easter, Jaye," Karen said, half-sighing.

"Sure, okay. Bye, Mom."

And once she hung up, it was time to find something on TV.
After a few days of being stuck in Portalocity hell (friggin' holidays), Jaye found herself appearing just outside the Tyler house on Christmas afternoon. And she still had no idea where her luggage was, but at least she still had her carryon.

On her way to the door, she checked her phone, and blanched as she heard one of the messages. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad of her to just head back now...

Unfortunately for her, Karen opened the door before Jaye could even get her hand off the knob and flee. "Where have you been?" she asked. "You were supposed to be here two days ago."

Jaye managed a very fake smile. "Merry Christmas!"
Jaye could definitely hear the pounding on the bathroom door. She just pretended she didn't.

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This would be Jaye on the phone. If she's talking really loudly, it's because someone is singing at her again.
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When she opens the door, she announces, "I SHOULD HAVE LEFT YOU TO THE PINK THING."

[Establishy unless you're really keen on SP.]
It's later in the afernoon when Jaye waits again at the front of her house for a parent. This time, at least, her mom's there with her, waiting by the car. Karen isn't saying anything, but still, she's there.

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[NFB due to distance]
Jaye's been a little on the bored side today. She hung out with Mahandra in the morning, then spent part of her afternoon dodging Sharon and Aaron by hiding out in her room and trying to keep busy. Which works for about five minutes.

Finally she heads back downstairs, where Yvette is supposed to be making faux-Thanksgiving dinner, and the rest of the family is being unhelpful.

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[NFB, like radio isn't already up. And yes, this should have been up sooner. *has kinna been busy*]
Jaye can't believe she's up early. She especially can't believe she's up early still thinking about this stupid Thanksgiving thing. She's got a ton of it planned, believe it or not. Isabel's doing the turkey, Dean and Seely are helping her with the side stuff, Alanna's not allowed to cook but can hold a knife, Molly and Willow are helping with the baking, Kawalsky's making her want to have chocolate beer there, and the list kind of goes on. She has no idea why she's getting into this, except that it really is just a big party, and those tend to be fun in Fandom. She's still got to make sure she knows where she's actually having the damn thing, but she can handle that later.

And okay, another reason she's up early is because she's got something to do. She's going with an idea Alec gave her, and she picks up the phone, knowing at this time of day her mom isn't likely to pick up the phone. As soon as she gets to Karen's voicemail, she starts attempting that thing where you sound like you're cutting out on the phone. "...i, Mom, it's... e, Jaye. We had... horrible storm... causeway... washed out... not... to be able to make it to... anksgiving. I'll be fine, have... un without me. Cutting out now have to go bye."

She hangs up really quickly, and then turns off her phone just in case her mom tries to call back.

[Not really open. Establishy and will be a linkdrop later.
Anyone who still wants a personal invite, I'm going to try and stick Jaye in a CR tonight for that. She does have radio tonight, and there'll be a general invite in there. Posts will go up tonight to start the dinner. (Methinks today is a big RP day for me.)]
Today when Jaye's glaring at the closet, it's because she didn't get to wear the dress. Homecoming had been pretty awesome and all, but still, she's pretty sure she looked funny in what she had been wearing.

When the phone starts ringing, Jaye turns her glare towards it, especially when she sees the name on the caller ID.

ring, ring )

Jaye frowns at the phone and starts planning escape routes for that weekend.
Let's see, breakup, Anakin be gone and general wallowing. At least the hangover wasn't too bad.

Still, she doesn't really feel like being out if it means having to possibly explain anything to anyone, so instead she's holed up in her room, trying to talk herself out of doing something. Which doesn't work, so she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )

As soon as she hangs up the phone, she looks at the lion on the desk and says, "See, I went crazy and I didn't even need you to do it."

The lion stays almost depressingly silent.
Jaye gets back from photography, already struggling with her purse in an attempt to get to her cell phone.

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[Omg, I have a few hours until I have to be anywhere! Door's open, come play!]
Jaye comes back from class, dumps her stuff on the floor and closes the door. She checks her messages first"

"Jaye, this is your mother. Sharon says you're flinging. Are you all right? It's not another 'sode, is it? Flinging what, exactly? Call me back or I'll call your principal."

She looks at the time, and returns the call. After the message telling her she's reached Karen Tyler's voicemail, there's a beep, and Jaye responds accordingly.

"Hi, Mom. Guess you're at Dr. Ron's. Dammit, I always forget about that. Anyway, whatever Sharon told you, it's a filthy lie so you can stop calling. To check up on me. Yeah. By the way, though, we don't have anyone named Gilmore in our extended family, do we?"

And then, with a horrified wide-eyed expression, she adds, "Or monochome hookers. Tell me we don't have monochrome hookers in our family. I'm not crazy. Bye."

With that done, she gets on the computer really really quickly.

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