Jaye was getting her own car already. She'd made that decision the instant she picked up her phone and heard Mahandra ask, "And where were you all weekend? I called four times. Maybe five. I know it was about an entire hands' worth of calling."
cut for phone call! )
Jaye had a package delivered at the door. She didn't remember ordering anything, and she doubted anyone was sending care packages, but hey, who was she to turn down thingies?

She took a seat, opening the box with her keys, since she didn't feel like getting up to get scissors or something practical, rifling through the contents and then reading the note.

"...He wants me to play the lotto?"

[Establishy unless the LA group is around, and then subject to SP.]
This is Jaye. This is Jaye making phone calls. Yes, again.

When she's done (for now, at least), she gets up and goes to her dresser to grab the blank "Welcome to Hollywood!" postcard she'd gotten and hadn't managed to write on yet due to not having anything to say. And she still doesn't. What she ends up writing is


with her phone number underneath, and then realizing she doesn't have an address for Jarod. So she writes "JAROD" on the address section, hopes the post office can figure out, and doesn't realize that might be a bad idea just in general.

[Open for the LA group, or should anyone feel like calling back.]
When Jaye brings her mail back up to her room, she's on the phone. "I swear I'm not making rent," she says.

"Mom and Dad paid your rent last month," says Sharon. "I thought you had a job."

"It doesn't pay that well," says Jaye, bending across the dresser to plug in her new iPod to charge. "Seriously, Sharon, I can barely eat."

"And how is that my problem?"

This would be the time that Jaye goes through her mail, and sees a certain postcard. "OhmygodSharonI'vegottago," she says, hanging up quickly.

Not that it doesn't take her that long to read or anything, but still, she needs to have her moment of glee.

After that moment of glee passes, there's a moment of "How about a return address next time!"
After leaving Caritas, Jaye heads back up to the causeway, drops her bags on the ground, and sits on them while she waits for the cab.

And she dials a number.

ring, ring )

And she hangs up right in time for the cab to pull up.

The driver puts her bags in the trunk, and Jaye gets into the backseat with the ant farm in her lap before the car drives away from Fandom.
So, after it being quiet forever- or at least for a few weeks- Jaye's getting told to make the whole Alanna and Kawalsky thing better, which is not going well. But she got to lick a seahorse, Jarod could always steal a car and Jamie's not a sheep, so all goes well except the pastry-throwing, right?

Before getting into bed, Jaye leans down and looks at the wax lion, pointing at it in what she hopes is a threatening manner. "You sing that song at me again and I keel you. I mean it."

There's silence, so the lights go out, Jaye gets into bed, and just as she's starting to fall asleep, she's really damn sure she hears someone singing "How Do You Talk to an Angel?" really off key.

Which leads to the obvious question: "HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT SONG?"

[Establishy. Will be a linkdrop later.]
fates_jaye: (computer)
After class, Jaye finds herself kind of bored. She's caught up on all her shows, Mahandra's still at school, and attempts to call Sharon and bother her are thwarted by that whole thing where she's in court. Though she has tried calling anyway in the hopes that her cell will go off at a critical dramatic moment.

Finally giving up (and also being too lazy to manage a common room), Jaye turns to her laptop, opens a new E-mail, and starts clicking on names.

To: Undisclosed-recipient
From: Jaye Tyler [jaye.tyler@fandomhigh.edu]

So what's up?


[If I don't have the connection to deal with a CR atm, I will try and bring the interaction to me, dammit. Jaye's kind of indiscriminate in her name-clicking, so if you feel like getting an E-mail, be you a student, townie, alumni, teacher, what have you, go ahead and reply.
Will respond to pings when I get home, or more likely, while sneaking online at work.]
There's no shows needing to be downloaded, the common rooms can be scary if you're not in the right mind for it, and it's Jaye's last day of freedom before classes start.

Hm. This calls for a phone conversation.

ring, ring )

[Open, as is the door, though I might be a teensy bit slow.]
Jaye? Still in bed. And she's not moving anytime soon. Because as much fun as she had last night, and hey, she even met someone awesome out of it even if it does potentially complicate a thing or two, she is never, ever, ever going to be able to drink tequila again.

Maybe she'll move tomorrow.

[So not open.]
Let's see, breakup, Anakin be gone and general wallowing. At least the hangover wasn't too bad.

Still, she doesn't really feel like being out if it means having to possibly explain anything to anyone, so instead she's holed up in her room, trying to talk herself out of doing something. Which doesn't work, so she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )

As soon as she hangs up the phone, she looks at the lion on the desk and says, "See, I went crazy and I didn't even need you to do it."

The lion stays almost depressingly silent.


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