Jaye had had a crappy day. There was animal singing that had her out of bed at 4 am on a Saturday, there was having to head to a stupid library for research for a stupid paper, and then there was that whole thing where a shelf fell down (okay, fine, she'd had to push it down) and while it got all the people that needed to get talking to talk, it also meant someone called the cops and she had to talk to them for way too long and she'd like to just forget today happened.

Except first she had to check her mail, and by god, was she glad she did.

She'd still be having a giggle fit an hour from now.
After making a couple calls, Jaye totally leaves her room.

With the door wide open.

And just in case that's incentive for anyone to leave, she put a little box of JGOB pastries on one of the desks. Just to get them all the way into the room.

If anyone needs Jaye, she'll be hiding. No, you don't see her.

[Locked to those who know who they are.]
So, after it being quiet forever- or at least for a few weeks- Jaye's getting told to make the whole Alanna and Kawalsky thing better, which is not going well. But she got to lick a seahorse, Jarod could always steal a car and Jamie's not a sheep, so all goes well except the pastry-throwing, right?

Before getting into bed, Jaye leans down and looks at the wax lion, pointing at it in what she hopes is a threatening manner. "You sing that song at me again and I keel you. I mean it."

There's silence, so the lights go out, Jaye gets into bed, and just as she's starting to fall asleep, she's really damn sure she hears someone singing "How Do You Talk to an Angel?" really off key.

Which leads to the obvious question: "HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW THAT SONG?"

[Establishy. Will be a linkdrop later.]
Jaye's spent about two weeks not wanting much to do with people. However, Jack is the best thing ever, and Jaye's even managed to start messing with people again.

Also there was the hellish TWELVE FREAKING HOUR LONG day at work, and now she's trying to come up with ways she can pay King Dork back for being nice to him.

Look, the door is open and everything.
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Jaye steps back into her room, and has to glare at it a little. Stupid dorms.

Once she's unpacked and settled in a little, she opens up her laptop.

typey typey typey )

She hits send, and idly wonders why there are no shirtless boys wandering down the hall. So, fixing this, she goes to her desk, picks up the "Shirtlessness Encouraged" sign, and sticks it on the outside of her door. Yes, she took it. No, you shouldn't be surprised.

[Will be a linkdrop, yes. Door's open.]
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Jaye's not doing much. Just hanging. Finally checking out her download of the Vanessa Saturn finale and jaw-dropping at the computer.

The door would be open. Hi, Jamie.


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