Most of Jaye's stuff has been sent back already, but after packing up what she had in all four alcoves of Pixie D (and a goodbye to Aeryn over the alcove walls that was along the lines of "Good riddance!" "Die in a fire!"), it's time to head back to the dorms for the rest, most of which are somehow still stuffed animals. Which might be a sign she has too damn many of them.

At least they're not talking to her. It's hard to pack when you're threatening inanimate objects.

[Goodbye post, woe!!]
Jaye had a pretty good weekend, what with all the wee children running around so she can maybe potentially embarrass them as adults. When she wakes up, she's totally prepared to head over to the Photo Hut to get the pictures developed, but she feels just a little off somehow.

And when she rubs her eye, she noticed her hand doesn't feel the way it should. In fact, upon opening her eyes, it doesn't look the way it should, either.

Oh, crap.

Jaye gets out of bed and heads into the bathroom to look at herself in the mirror.

The "AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" might be heard the rest of the way down the fourth floor.

[I've decided Jaye is a stick figure. She looks like the icon. What? I haven't done anything cracky with her in a while.]
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Jaye has actually been productive, kind of, for once. She's managed to finish up her college apps, which are probably getting there late but who cares, and she even sealed them all pretty and everything. Of course, she also finished on a Sunday, so we'll see when she actually mails it.

She drops the envelopes on her desk, which is when one of the little paper cranes made the weekend of the sugar OD says, "Give thanks."

"Shut it, I am working on it," she says. "I even have a baking slave! And you don't even have a face."

The crane doesn't have a comeback for that.

[Open, if you're good for some SP, since I'll be in and out today.]
Jaye's spent about two weeks not wanting much to do with people. However, Jack is the best thing ever, and Jaye's even managed to start messing with people again.

Also there was the hellish TWELVE FREAKING HOUR LONG day at work, and now she's trying to come up with ways she can pay King Dork back for being nice to him.

Look, the door is open and everything.
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Jaye steps back into her room, and has to glare at it a little. Stupid dorms.

Once she's unpacked and settled in a little, she opens up her laptop.

typey typey typey )

She hits send, and idly wonders why there are no shirtless boys wandering down the hall. So, fixing this, she goes to her desk, picks up the "Shirtlessness Encouraged" sign, and sticks it on the outside of her door. Yes, she took it. No, you shouldn't be surprised.

[Will be a linkdrop, yes. Door's open.]
Newbies have been met. Most of them. Check. Including her Little Brother guy. Check. Not pissed at Archie. Check. And... okay, really that's all she had on her checklist. Tah dah.

She's not really feeling social, though, because when she tried that yesterday she got exhausted and then very nearly had emo. And while she knows about not-boyfriend nearly-stealing ho Parker's party, she doesn't think it's good to bitch someone out on their birthday, so maybe not such a good idea. So for now, she'll just camp out with the rented disc 1 of Vanessa Saturn to play on her computer.

[Open for interaction, or if you wanna say, talk her into going to Caritas.]


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