Today when Jaye's glaring at the closet, it's because she didn't get to wear the dress. Homecoming had been pretty awesome and all, but still, she's pretty sure she looked funny in what she had been wearing.

When the phone starts ringing, Jaye turns her glare towards it, especially when she sees the name on the caller ID.

ring, ring )

Jaye frowns at the phone and starts planning escape routes for that weekend.
Jaye's spent a lot of time frowning at her closet. The door's closed. She can't see anything. She's still frowning. It's probably just as well she can't see inside, because then she'll just start thinking the dress is pretty and forget the feeling of "WTF" for a while.

So she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )

[Mostly just establishy. Cuz I hadn't written Mahandra in far too long. *g*]
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Jaye's got some time to kill before she has to be anywhere, which is why she mentally set out to do laundry and disinfect the room that was probably all germy. However, she ends up looking online for homecoming dresses before getting distracted by a Misguided fic Mahandra linked her to.

Look, opening the door is the same as being disinfecty. Ask anyone.

[*points up* Open!]
Jaye's feeling okay enough by Sunday night that she could probably drag herself in to classes tomorrow. (Dammit.) And since she can do that, she should probably do that other thing she's been avoiding.

She'll still wait for Alec to make the first move in this friends thing, because even if she doesn't doubt his sincerity, the last guy who still wanted to be friends never talked to her again when he didn't feel guilty anymore, so she might have an issue or two. Either way, it doesn't make a yes an easy answer. So she makes a phone call which is a yes with a but, and can now go to sleep. Again.

Freaking germs.
Jaye? Still in bed. And she's not moving anytime soon. Because as much fun as she had last night, and hey, she even met someone awesome out of it even if it does potentially complicate a thing or two, she is never, ever, ever going to be able to drink tequila again.

Maybe she'll move tomorrow.

[So not open.]


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