"Jaye! There's a burger here with your name on it!"

Jaye sighed and tried not to roll her eyes. "Thanks, Dad, but I've already got clogged arteries from the last three named Jaye," she called back.

"Okay, but if you don't claim it, it's going to Aaron," Darrin warned.

"I'd love one, Dad," said Aaron, giving his sister the look of someone who really didn't want his fifth burger of the cookout, but was more concerned with kissing ass.

Jaye'd been here a couple hours now, and by now was pulling out her cell phone to check the time and see if she could make a reasonable escape yet. This much time with her family, there needed to be a limit on it.

"Are you looking at the time again?" asked Sharon, sitting in one of the plastic lawn chairs to light up a cigarette next to her.

"No. I got a text," she lied.

"Because you can't leave yet. Mom got cake," Sharon told her.

Jaye sighed, bowing her head in defeat. There was a bakery her mom went to- or rather, that she made Yvette go to- that had seriously some of the best cake she'd ever had, and there was no way she could pass it up knowing it was there and she only had to hold out until her dad finally got tired of the grill or burned up all the charcoal or something. "Dammit."

[Establishy, cuz I love holidays with the Tylers, though she'd love anyone who called her today.]
Welcome to Jaye Tyler's life post-Fandom. Again.

See, there was an issue with randomly transferring schools on short notice like she'd tried to do: schools didn't work that way. And it didn't really bother her that she couldn't sit in classes all day till next semester. No, that wasn't bothering her at all.

It was the fact that she'd gotten all the way back to Niagara Falls and found that out and thusly had to move back in at home that bothered her. A lot.

i've been meaning to do this for weeks, people )

[Establishy, unless someone really really really wants to break up family time via phone call.]
It's later in the afernoon when Jaye waits again at the front of her house for a parent. This time, at least, her mom's there with her, waiting by the car. Karen isn't saying anything, but still, she's there.

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[NFB due to distance]
Jaye's been a little on the bored side today. She hung out with Mahandra in the morning, then spent part of her afternoon dodging Sharon and Aaron by hiding out in her room and trying to keep busy. Which works for about five minutes.

Finally she heads back downstairs, where Yvette is supposed to be making faux-Thanksgiving dinner, and the rest of the family is being unhelpful.

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[NFB, like radio isn't already up. And yes, this should have been up sooner. *has kinna been busy*]
Jaye wakes up- on the floor with a blanket and the floppy bunny toy because the bed is too high- to a ringing phone. And sticky hands because Angela says you can't take baths which is okay because baths are bad. And glitter still all over her. And a growling tummy. She had a lollipop and candy from Rory for dinner. It might seem like real food to a brand-new-four-year-old, but it's not.

She finds the phone on the desk, and she has to climb up onto the chair to get it. "HI!" she says to the other person.

wee linkdrop in phone call yay )

And throws the phone on the floor to hang it up.


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