Jaye's mostly over her hangover. Because really, as hangovers go, it could have been sooooo much worse. Once she's gotten rid of the headache, she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )
Jaye doesn't have anywhere to be for a while, and so she gets online to send off E-mails. Only to be surprised by an IM.

cut for length like woah. um. not dirty )

Jaye looks up from her computer...
Jaye has had a busy day. Maybe. Possibly. It's all kind of blurry. She finally took her computer in to be fixed, and then stopped for caffeine that didn't work. And met a woman with a duck shirt that talked to her. But whatever. What. Ev. Er.

She heads back to her room, and finds a package waiting for her. When she takes it inside and opens everything, she doesn't know if she should awww or just outright glee.

And immediately sticks the earplugs in her ears. Yay, Cam.
Jaye's in a really good mood. Like, really.

She opens the door to her room after class and kicks her shoes off.
Jaye's camped out in her room, watching her Misguided DVD's.

All animals have been shoved under the bed. They're trying to sing. Jaye's ignoring them.

Door's open.
After coming back from the common room, Jaye's... in a weird mood. So she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )

Jaye hangs up, pouts at the ceiling for a minute, then gets up and checks her E-mail.

Where she finds the pictures Rory sent her yesterday. Where there was boykissy. And she missed it.

Jaye kind of hates everything today.
After heading back from common room, Jaye's planning on just forgetting the whole conversation in the library because just flinging or not just flinging, Cameron's now in her room in leather pants. Again. She's gonna focus on that, thanks.
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Jaye would be sending E-mail this morning.

yay mahandra )

After sending that off, Jaye checks her E-mail and finds a message from Rory. She opens it, clicks the attachment-

The entire fourth floor might hear the startled shrieks coming from 417.
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Jaye wants her damn ceiling power thing back, if only because Sharon's leaving her voicemail messages telling her she should see someone at the school about these delusions. And maybe she'll tell Logan this at the party.

Which she's going to as soon as she finishes packing for England. And having a staring contest with the lion on this subject.
Jaye's taking it pretty easy tonight. She's sitting on the bed, flipping through Weekly World News (yes, that Weekly World News) and listening to music. Okay, not so much listening to music. More like listening to her phone go off several thousand times while her mom tries to call her. Jaye's pretty sure she should pick up the phone, but she likes the ringtone.

[Anyone who needs to talk to her, here you go!

ETA: Apparently LJ is sucking ASS right now for me, along with AIM, so I'm tagging back as soon as I can! *flails at connection*]
The first thing Jaye realizes when she wakes up is that she's not waking up alone. She has no idea if Cameron's awake or not, so she just lays there a minute and kind of marvels that she doesn't feel hoey about this. And debates whether to listen to the radio later or not, ugh. Whatever. Yay flinging.
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Jaye wakes up to something singing at her. Loudly. Maybe in French.

And while she would ordinarily yell back at whichever stupid animal, if not animals, are causing the problem, she's kind of also got Cameron sleeping on her floor and figures having a 'sode would not be a good thing. Gah.
Jaye's got most of her Christmas shopping done. Most of it. She's pretty sure she knows almost the entire school at this point, which makes it hard to keep track of everyone. But she's getting there, and now what she does have is all pretty and wrapped. Oh, if only she didn't have to go hunt everyone down, it would be so much easier. < /dramatical narrative >

She wishes really hard, and if people just show up, that would be awesome.

and we have gifts so far for: )


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