"Jaye! There's a burger here with your name on it!"

Jaye sighed and tried not to roll her eyes. "Thanks, Dad, but I've already got clogged arteries from the last three named Jaye," she called back.

"Okay, but if you don't claim it, it's going to Aaron," Darrin warned.

"I'd love one, Dad," said Aaron, giving his sister the look of someone who really didn't want his fifth burger of the cookout, but was more concerned with kissing ass.

Jaye'd been here a couple hours now, and by now was pulling out her cell phone to check the time and see if she could make a reasonable escape yet. This much time with her family, there needed to be a limit on it.

"Are you looking at the time again?" asked Sharon, sitting in one of the plastic lawn chairs to light up a cigarette next to her.

"No. I got a text," she lied.

"Because you can't leave yet. Mom got cake," Sharon told her.

Jaye sighed, bowing her head in defeat. There was a bakery her mom went to- or rather, that she made Yvette go to- that had seriously some of the best cake she'd ever had, and there was no way she could pass it up knowing it was there and she only had to hold out until her dad finally got tired of the grill or burned up all the charcoal or something. "Dammit."

[Establishy, cuz I love holidays with the Tylers, though she'd love anyone who called her today.]
In the last week, Jaye's said goodbye to Jack, Sam, Kawalsky and Angela. Which is kind of depressing.

On the bright side, it means that she's the last one in the entire D portion of the cabin. Which is why everything she brought with her is now being spread out over the other three alcoves. Just because she can.

She's gonna stop bitching about the cabins now.

[Open if you want!]
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There is a desk with several kinds of moddable booze on it. There are all the things that go with those seveal kinds of moddable booze, such as cups and shot glasses, because you'd better believe Jaye would have all of that. Also, a few more kinda of snacky things, because nothing goes with alcohol like snacky things.

Also, a fire extinguisher. Because Sam said she'd bring a blowtorch. And Jaye's not that stupid.

Also some more, glitter. It's the Seahorse way. Or, part of it.

[For the Seahorsies, SO's, honorary Seahorsies and little sibs. If you're one of those people, feel free to handwave an invite. Up omg early for time zones and stuff. Also, lookit lookit y'all can see the room! *crams people in there*]
So Coruscant food isn't that bad, and at least Jaye's gotten a few good conversations in with people before she bites the big one not dirty. She didn't get killed by Callisto, and she talked to Elizabeth and talked weird with Tyler and Rory and Sam and Marty and Angela, and Cedric was cute at her and King Dork is still a dork and she planned her funeral with Parker and Alec is under the very sweet but misguided impression that she's not dying. It's the thought that counts, and she likes that thought. Well, at least death will be a less awkward ending than her last couple relationships.

Jaye looks over at the lion sitting on her desk. "You've been quiet lately," she says. "Does that mean I'm completely deadinated tomorrow?"

The lion doesn't answer.

She frowns at it for a long time. "I kind of hate you, you know. Like, a lot. And you're all off key."

The lion doesn't answer, but she could swear the rubber snake looks a little offended.
After the weird guy from next door came over, Jaye closed her door and got drunk. At one point she offered the Little Wooden Boy Dave a shot, but he seems to be clean.

At another point, Jaye started making phone calls.

And then she sets off to the lobby so she can go do her radio broadcast. Because sometimes Jaye's an idiot.

[Locked to those who know who they are.]
Jaye's mostly over her hangover. Because really, as hangovers go, it could have been sooooo much worse. Once she's gotten rid of the headache, she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )
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God bless PhotoShop.

Jaye's not sure why she's having so much fun with the campaign, because she's not the get-involved type. And no one's forcing her to do it. Which is good, because the amount of animals in her room is more than scary at this point. But whatever, it's fun, and slandering Marty is always good.

Door's open, yay.

[Specifically meant for people who may be coming by for a campaign quote, but anyone's welcome.]
Jaye's got most of her Christmas shopping done. Most of it. She's pretty sure she knows almost the entire school at this point, which makes it hard to keep track of everyone. But she's getting there, and now what she does have is all pretty and wrapped. Oh, if only she didn't have to go hunt everyone down, it would be so much easier. < /dramatical narrative >

She wishes really hard, and if people just show up, that would be awesome.

and we have gifts so far for: )
When Jaye wakes up and turns on the radio, she's expecting her FDA approved daily minimum requirement of snark. She's not expecting to hear tales of blood and gore. It's not on the agenda, you know?

Hearing about Marty, she places a quick call to Angela, not expecting a call back but hoping she gets one because she's a teensy bit freaked. Zombies she could deal with. This was a little beyond that.


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