It was Jaye's 21st birthday. Screw classes. She spent the first part of it driving back to Niagara Falls without saying a word to her family she wanted to enjoy this thank you and goodbye, to hang out with Mahandra before they headed off to the bar where she worked.

Since Mahandra wasn't working tonight, she too a seat next to Jaye and called over the bar, "We're going to be needing drinks over here. Card her, okay? She'll like it."

When asked for ID, Jaye turned over her brand new driver's license, a real one that said she was 21 instead of a fake one that said she was 21, and the bartender got her a beer. "You know, you're right? This is kind of awesome."

"Told you," Mahandra said. "But you didn't wanna listen."

Jaye took her first sip, put the bottle down, and decided, "Aaaaand now drinking seems to have lost some of its fun." Now that it was legal. Dammit.

The bartender frowned. "...Haven't you been coming here for like two years?"

[She did bring her phone with her, should anyone want to call.]
After leaving Caritas, Jaye heads back up to the causeway, drops her bags on the ground, and sits on them while she waits for the cab.

And she dials a number.

ring, ring )

And she hangs up right in time for the cab to pull up.

The driver puts her bags in the trunk, and Jaye gets into the backseat with the ant farm in her lap before the car drives away from Fandom.
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After class, Jaye finds herself kind of bored. She's caught up on all her shows, Mahandra's still at school, and attempts to call Sharon and bother her are thwarted by that whole thing where she's in court. Though she has tried calling anyway in the hopes that her cell will go off at a critical dramatic moment.

Finally giving up (and also being too lazy to manage a common room), Jaye turns to her laptop, opens a new E-mail, and starts clicking on names.

To: Undisclosed-recipient
From: Jaye Tyler []

So what's up?


[If I don't have the connection to deal with a CR atm, I will try and bring the interaction to me, dammit. Jaye's kind of indiscriminate in her name-clicking, so if you feel like getting an E-mail, be you a student, townie, alumni, teacher, what have you, go ahead and reply.
Will respond to pings when I get home, or more likely, while sneaking online at work.]
Jaye has left her phone off for most of the day, and kept her door closed. So far she's liking the classes themselves, the TAship is good, and the Media Studies teacher can definitely stay. Of course, between the conversation with Dean and talking with Luke, Jaye hasn't really wanted to deal with people much. She's really liking the idea of a portable Jack right now.

She looks over at the animals lining her desk and says, "You should sing."

They stay silent.

"No. Seriously. Singing right now would be great." She doesn't mention that it would be great because yay distraction. If she does that, they'll just be mean.

And they're still not doing anything.

[Locked to special guests who know who they are.]
Let's see, breakup, Anakin be gone and general wallowing. At least the hangover wasn't too bad.

Still, she doesn't really feel like being out if it means having to possibly explain anything to anyone, so instead she's holed up in her room, trying to talk herself out of doing something. Which doesn't work, so she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )

As soon as she hangs up the phone, she looks at the lion on the desk and says, "See, I went crazy and I didn't even need you to do it."

The lion stays almost depressingly silent.
Jaye's vegging, trolling through bad Vanessa Saturn fanfic and occasionally looking over at her laundry like she's expecting it to get up and do itself. It's Fandom. It might.

ring, ring )

She'll call back tomorrow and have a normal conversation, but right now she's just adding this to the list of things she's just not going to talk about with normal people. Seriously, it's getting to be a big list.

[Will be a linkdrop later. Door's closed, but stop by if you feel like it.]
Jaye's on the bored side, but she already spammed the voicemail of someone who's not even here, and the common room is all the way over there. So, not moving from her splayed position on the bed other than a vague reaching movement, she grabs her phone and dials a number.

ring, ring )

[Door and post is open.]
Hi. Jaye's hungover. Not a shock. And there had been drinking and kissing- hi, Rory and introducing Buffy to boykissy and watching her date make out with himself and telling Sam something she maybe shouldn't have. And the only reason she says that is because Sam didn't go all "Well, when you're ready to tell me what's really up..." She isn't used to that reaction.

She'll freak out later. For now, it's time for water, aspirin, and more sleep. Sleep yay.

[Not open as omg overslept and need to go to work. Yes, this is where my priorities lie. Bite me.]
Jaye's got most of her Christmas shopping done. Most of it. She's pretty sure she knows almost the entire school at this point, which makes it hard to keep track of everyone. But she's getting there, and now what she does have is all pretty and wrapped. Oh, if only she didn't have to go hunt everyone down, it would be so much easier. < /dramatical narrative >

She wishes really hard, and if people just show up, that would be awesome.

and we have gifts so far for: )


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