Jaye came back to her room, listening to her voicemail and cursing herself out that she hadn't managed drunk dials at Rory and Anakin's wedding. Maybe next time. In fact, she'd make it a mission next time. If she felt like it.

And while listening, she tossed the mail in her hands into two piles: magazines and 'things I don't want to deal with', which covered all else. When she saw the one letter addressed to her in writing she didn't really recognize, she was more curious to figure out what the lumpy things inside were rather than who sent it.

The glee over getting to go back to Fandom, though, was dampered by the following thought: "Wait, summer job?"
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Jaye got back from Caritas after a few shots in not much time, feeling pretty good about everything. Which was why she picked up her phone when she got to her hotel room.

ring, ring )

So Jaye started making other calls.

The plus was, animals or no, she'd probably sleep tonight. For at least a whole five minutes. Unfortunately she wasn't that drunk.
This is Jaye. This is Jaye making phone calls. Yes, again.

When she's done (for now, at least), she gets up and goes to her dresser to grab the blank "Welcome to Hollywood!" postcard she'd gotten and hadn't managed to write on yet due to not having anything to say. And she still doesn't. What she ends up writing is


with her phone number underneath, and then realizing she doesn't have an address for Jarod. So she writes "JAROD" on the address section, hopes the post office can figure out, and doesn't realize that might be a bad idea just in general.

[Open for the LA group, or should anyone feel like calling back.]
Most of Jaye's stuff has been sent back already, but after packing up what she had in all four alcoves of Pixie D (and a goodbye to Aeryn over the alcove walls that was along the lines of "Good riddance!" "Die in a fire!"), it's time to head back to the dorms for the rest, most of which are somehow still stuffed animals. Which might be a sign she has too damn many of them.

At least they're not talking to her. It's hard to pack when you're threatening inanimate objects.

[Goodbye post, woe!!]
When Jaye's phone rings, she realizes she could go outside to take the call. Then she realizes she has like fifteen other people in the cabin and decides they can listen to her babble.

ring, ring )

Once she's off the phone with Mahandra, she finally returns a call and tries not to think too hard on that week and a half thing.

[Pretty open, especially if you're in Pixie or have kidnap plans.]
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There is a desk with several kinds of moddable booze on it. There are all the things that go with those seveal kinds of moddable booze, such as cups and shot glasses, because you'd better believe Jaye would have all of that. Also, a few more kinda of snacky things, because nothing goes with alcohol like snacky things.

Also, a fire extinguisher. Because Sam said she'd bring a blowtorch. And Jaye's not that stupid.

Also some more, glitter. It's the Seahorse way. Or, part of it.

[For the Seahorsies, SO's, honorary Seahorsies and little sibs. If you're one of those people, feel free to handwave an invite. Up omg early for time zones and stuff. Also, lookit lookit y'all can see the room! *crams people in there*]
Let's get something straight. Jaye is not a motivated person. For instance, her college acceptance letters are still sitting on her desk unopened. She hasn't even looked at them. She really should get on that.

Now that that's out of the way, it's utterly ridiculous that she set her alarm to call Rose just to see if she can wake her up at 4 am and annoy her. Skewed priorities, this girl.

Of course the problem with waking up at ass o'clock in the morning is that it's sometimes hard to get back to sleep. Which sucks, since she doesn't even have classes today. Especially when the stuff that's already there in her head is kind of making her worry, which is stupid and she's got no reason to worry anymore and if it was really her business- which it's not- someone would have said something before. Not that she's worried about something being her business. It's practically her cosmic duty to interfere. Or something.

When it's finally daylight, and a more decent time of the morning, Jaye makes another call, then looks over at the lion to say, "Don't look at me like that."

[Expecting someone, but open if you don't mind SP.]
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Jaye is actually looking forward to going home for once. Well, why shouldn't she? She'll be officially legal and can tell her family to shove it.

Of course then she wouldn't have money to do anything anymore, so she won't actually tell them that, but it's a great thought.

Any time she should be using to pack is instead lounging on her bed and spent flipping channels. She's passed up every possible show, she just likes clicking.

[I has a while before bed! Come play.]
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When Jaye gets on her laptop, she doesn't have time to do anything before she's accosted by an IM.

cut, la )

As soon as she's logged off, she types up a quick E-mail and hits send. If nothing else, this goes against the name of all things Seahorse.

...Okay, it totally doesn't, but she's in a bad mood.
There's no shows needing to be downloaded, the common rooms can be scary if you're not in the right mind for it, and it's Jaye's last day of freedom before classes start.

Hm. This calls for a phone conversation.

ring, ring )

[Open, as is the door, though I might be a teensy bit slow.]
Jaye really doesn't want to go back home, but hey, at least it's only a few days. She's thrown some things in a bag, considers herself packed, and is just kind of waiting till she has to head out.

And she did manage a slapdash kind of Christmas shopping, believe it or not. Okay, okay, most of it is gift cards. Some people were easier to shop for than others, though, so it's not all gift cards.

[I'll be around till tonight if people want to stop by and get presents. If your character's already gone/misses Jaye, she'll get them when she gets back.]
After getting home and stopping in at the lobby to find out what the hell had gone on in this town when she went away for a freaking weekend, Jaye heads back to her room. She drops her bag, deciding to unpack later, then starts getting ready for bed.

And she might leave a quick message before she goes to sleep.
Jaye's been a little on the bored side today. She hung out with Mahandra in the morning, then spent part of her afternoon dodging Sharon and Aaron by hiding out in her room and trying to keep busy. Which works for about five minutes.

Finally she heads back downstairs, where Yvette is supposed to be making faux-Thanksgiving dinner, and the rest of the family is being unhelpful.

not long, but cut anyway )

[NFB, like radio isn't already up. And yes, this should have been up sooner. *has kinna been busy*]
To say Jaye was a wee bit wired is an understatement. After dragging their mattresses to the basement, she and Alec had spent the entire weekend down there getting hopped up on nothing but sugar and caffeine and way too little sleep and Operation and seahorse tattoos while getting visits from Buffy and her mom and Rory and Rory's friend and Aaron and Dean who doesn't suck as much when he's giving out sugar and except for meeting Aaron and seeing him at the bar she hadn't even have to leave except when she went ahead and pushed her mattress up four flights of stairs before remembering there is an elevator.

And the reason Jaye was tired is because now she has crashed. Like woah. And her mattress is still on the floor and she's sleeping on it anyway and she might just go to class in her pajamas, if she wakes up on time.
Jaye's spent a lot of time frowning at her closet. The door's closed. She can't see anything. She's still frowning. It's probably just as well she can't see inside, because then she'll just start thinking the dress is pretty and forget the feeling of "WTF" for a while.

So she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )

[Mostly just establishy. Cuz I hadn't written Mahandra in far too long. *g*]
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Jaye's got some time to kill before she has to be anywhere, which is why she mentally set out to do laundry and disinfect the room that was probably all germy. However, she ends up looking online for homecoming dresses before getting distracted by a Misguided fic Mahandra linked her to.

Look, opening the door is the same as being disinfecty. Ask anyone.

[*points up* Open!]
Jaye's feeling okay enough by Sunday night that she could probably drag herself in to classes tomorrow. (Dammit.) And since she can do that, she should probably do that other thing she's been avoiding.

She'll still wait for Alec to make the first move in this friends thing, because even if she doesn't doubt his sincerity, the last guy who still wanted to be friends never talked to her again when he didn't feel guilty anymore, so she might have an issue or two. Either way, it doesn't make a yes an easy answer. So she makes a phone call which is a yes with a but, and can now go to sleep. Again.

Freaking germs.
The babbling from the animals has kind of turned into a white noise that Jaye can almost ignore. Almost. She gets three words into an E-mail before she realizes she's spending more time shushing them than she is typing anything, so she closed the computer and decides it can wait until she's like, living in a cabin in the woods or something.

Ooh. That's an idea.

[For Alec.]
Jaye's had an interesting weekend. There was checking on Alec after he ended up in the clinic. And kind of freaked out over that, which she hadn't expected. And then there was saying goodbye to Veronica and "welcoming" the newbies, where she'd gotten to mess with some people, actually talk to some others. And then there was that whole bit where she turned down a guy because of the guy she's already dating, and she got to feel better about it given that Jack's the same way with his situation.

And then there was that whole bit where she found out that the guy she's really been feeling great about is sleeping with his doppleganger.

As soon as Jaye gets to her room, she closes the door and goes for her phone.

ring, ring )
Jaye's vegging, trolling through bad Vanessa Saturn fanfic and occasionally looking over at her laundry like she's expecting it to get up and do itself. It's Fandom. It might.

ring, ring )

She'll call back tomorrow and have a normal conversation, but right now she's just adding this to the list of things she's just not going to talk about with normal people. Seriously, it's getting to be a big list.

[Will be a linkdrop later. Door's closed, but stop by if you feel like it.]


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