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Sep. 5th, 2012 10:50 pm
Omg, we have to have a poll for the first time in forever! Time for you to pick your seven favorites from the lineup to read your characters all the gossip for the rest of the semester. You have until 12 pm PDT Saturday, September 8 to vote!

Loki and Alex

Remember, the poll is IC voting, so all characters can vote: townies, students and teachers.

[Poll #1864747]
Jaye's Philosophy 101 class may need a TA or two, if anyone is interested.

Their TA duties will include putting in the DVD and pressing play. I am not even kidding.

Comments are screened, ping in here if you want the job!
Hello again! While Jaye isn't exactly new, she was around more a whiiile back and there's some stuff that might take explaining for the newer people, therefore, infopost.

i wonder why the wonderfalls on me... )

jaye and how she fits in fandom )

so about these animals... )

And for the others!

annie edison: tracy flick in tv form )

susan sto helit: mostly human )

kitty pryde: i can't believe i braved the comics )

audrey parker: i have no idea wtf she is, actually )

jaina solo: getting badassier and badassier )

natalie: recent party down addict )
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So yesterday I had to drop everything to go driving up to the Apple Store because my power cord stopped working. Got a new one, everything was peachy. Except when I came home from work I figured out that hey, guess what, I just dropped $85 for nothing cuz the power cord wasn't the problem.

Not sure when I can take my laptop in to get fixed, but for now I am on my desktop. You know, the one that was so slow and was in such bad shape that I had to get a laptop to replace it. I'm in the process of downloading Firefox and AIM and all that, so hopefully my availability shouldn't be too much of a problem, but I may be very very very slow till everything gets fixed.

Also I have no touchpad. I don't know how to deal with that.
Oh look, that time of year again. Time to pick the seven people who are going to be bringing your characters all the dirty details of the BDE's, weetiny invasions, and who's hooking up with who. Whee. =D

Anyone with a character in town (teachers, townies, students, on-island alumni) are able to vote. You can totally vote for yourself, but please let the votes be IC and not who you just wanna see in it. Voting will remain open till midnight PST tonight, Sunday May 25, so get your votes in.

Up for the slots are:

Turtle Wexler
Jenny and Reno
Lacey Burrows
Robin Scherbatsky
Barney Stinson
Gwynn and Eve
Lois Lane
Sam and Dean Winchester
Jaye Tyler
Seely Booth

[Poll #1193638]

And of course, if I did anything wrong, please to be smacking me, k?
I swear I was gonna do this before everyone else did!

I kinda can't believe that in my list of characters, Jaye's the one who actually takes some explaining. You don't have to read it, though I recommend it as I also mention how some of her posting goes, and if you step on my pings I keel you.

the basics )

on dealing with jaye/how she can help yooooooou )

We now return you to your regularly scheduled flist.
I put out the call for this like at the beginning of the game, but that was before anyone knew Wonderfalls/what Jaye's thing was. So again, I put myself out there, mostly cuz I'm bored and want to use the animals more. Cuz singing's fun, but...

If you don't know, Jaye? Gets messages from somewhere or another through inanimate objects that aren't so inanimate to her, and she has to do what they say. What they tell her to do might get her in trouble or be embarrassing (girl dumpster dove cuz they told her to) but the things she do help other people in some way. It doesn't have to be a major plot or anything. Sometimes it's just getting two people to talk or something like that.

So, if you have something you need to get done where you might need help or interference to get things done? Feel free to drop a line and I'll do what I can. I mod my own animals and come up with my own messages. All I ask is for notice about a day in advance so I can get my girl and the talky things ready for whatever might need to happen.

Dudes, I'm thisclose to creating a romance for the NPC'ed clerk at JGOB and a whore (modded with permission zomg).

...Omg, can I create a romance for the NPC'ed clerk at JGOB and a whore? Am I allowed?


Dec. 29th, 2005 12:50 pm
I know some people haven't been locking posts as yeah, radio's on hiatus. BUT just in case someone *cough*me*cough* is insane enough to do another broadcast to keep us all informed, I don't want to be including stuff that should be NFB. Because it's a hassle to go back and change it. I'm not including anything that happens out of town, either, so.

Also, if there is something that that shouldn't be included that isn't marked, you can drop me a comment here and I'll skip over it in my links-collecting-palooza.
So tis the Christmas season, and so I thought I might as well copy Marty and post my FH character wish list. Because I like getting ideas stuck in people's heads.

((Also, if anyone starts questioning when enrollment happens, I'll beat you. They'll tell us when they'll tell us, so sit back and have some egg nogg.))

because you know you're curious )

OOC. Hmmm.

Oct. 18th, 2005 05:00 pm
Remember how I said that Jaye would totally be your plot whore as long as it meant that animals could come out and terrorize her? Well.

It occurs to me that Jaye has been entirely too nice a girl at this school, and with her lawyer/law school student sister coming in for Parents' Weekend, I'm thinking she needs to be in trouble. Detention would be cool. Getting arrested, or OMG, Rovered would kick ass. So this is where I ask you what you need done. Vandalize something? Punch out that guy because you're too scared to? She'll do anything that won't get her expelled or killed. Though she might charge you a reasonable fee.

Think about it. Come on. You know you want to.
For any of you who have never seen Wonderfalls go out and rent it now, dammit, this is Jaye: She's your typical Brown University philosophy grad who would rather live in a trailer that looks like the inside of Genie's bottle and work retail than do anything meaningful with her life. And inanimate animals, like the wax lion or a monkey bookend or a stuffed donkey tell her to do things. If she doesn't, it doesn't go too well for her. I'm playing Jaye the same way, only as a teenager, and so far she's only talked to her purse a few times and nothing's really come out of it.

Except today I went and got her a paid account, so now the animals will be talking to her and you will be able to read what they're saying. I'm figuring out plans for homecoming and parents' weekend, and I might need help with it. Like if you need to meet that cute boy in class and you need Jaye to slap him and her to get detention so you can nurse him to health and make him fall in love with you? Talk to me. The poor girl is not allowed to have shame, she will do just about anything. And it gives her a deep end to go off of.

Basically, I'm talking a cue from the whole Six thing. If you see one of the animals in an icon, they're talking to Jaye. She's the only one that can interact with them. If she's waving the wax lion around, you can ask why she's waving a wax lion, but you can't hear what it's telling her. I did a bit of practice.

So. Just an FYI.


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