When Jaye got in to her office, the first thing she did was turn on her computer. And the first thing she saw when she got to her email was the message from Sharon asking about accommodations for the weekend and making plans.

Jaye shut the computer the second she read the email. Maybe she could pretend she never saw it and it wasn't even there because this wasn't happening. If only she had Alec (her Alec, not Not Alec) around to hide out in the MCA bunker with.

Jaye just had to open that ball thing on her way in, didn't she? Now she was apparently stuck with a tiny little white kitten who'd start mewing cutely annoyingly anytime Jaye tried to put her down, and who was getting white fur all over her clothes.

Sitting in her chair looking like she didn't know whether to be irritated or not, Jaye tried to reach for her coffee, and had the kitten look up at her and make that sound again. "You are a needy little thing. Who's the cat version of Dr. Phil?" Jaye wondered, but she didn't dare reach for the coffee again.

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After a semester off, it was back to her office for Jaye.

Not to get any work done, of course. Though she would play solitaire on her computer in an attempt to look like she was working. Look, she ran a class on movies, there was literally no less work she could do do than just picking a movie.

Well... she could read the essays. Eh, she'd save that for later. Solitaire now.
Right, the office again. Jaye was back here, but rather than working she was blatantly and unapologetically playing solitaire. What, like someone was going to yell at her?

And occasionally she was saying bad words just because she could again.

It was entirely possible Jaye was still mentally sixteen.
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If anyone asked why Jaye wasn't wearing her uniform, she was going to say it was out being dry cleaned. Or that her dog ate it. Or that she was actually doing official radio business and radio business specifically required her to be out of uniform, and that she only braved whatever was attacking today to post grades.

In reality she was grading exams. Well, sort of.

so sorry, class. )

[Note: Grades were done Tuesday based on those who'd pinged in and are COMPLETELY ARBITRARY. If you're really curious and/or you need to mod your grade for some reason, basically if you worked hard on it you got a B+ and if you were funny she gave you an A.]
[Door, post, open, SP warning.]
Jaye was trying to work on a final. No, really.

Trying being the operative word because she kept stopping to curse Anakin's name for the fact that she was still singing "Pocketful of Sunshine." So it was really less working and more wondering how mad Rory would be if Jaye killed her husband.

The door was open, though.
Was it possible to have senioritis when you were years past being a senior? Because if it was, Jaye had it. Hell, even if it wasn't Jaye had it. She could be like a modern miracle when it came to fake diseases.

But since she taught movie day and that didn't exactly require a lot of work for her to ditch out on- which, if she thought about it, made it less a case for senioritis and mostly just said she was lazy- she was balling up Post-Its and using them to play trashketball. On company time, oh yeah.

Too bad she didn't get paid hourly.
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Jaye spent the first part of her morning uploading pictures from Monday's droid baby photo session to Facebook.

She spent the rest of her day being extremely vague in response to all the "wtf" comments.

Welcome to the only reason Jaye even had a Facebook.

Jaye was in her office and hard at work.

If "hard at work" meant "sitting in front of her computer and catching up on the week's reality TV", anyway. Considering how bad some shows really were, it really was work. In a sense.

Anyway, the door was open.
Jaye was looking way, way, way too pleased with herself when she got into her office today. Seriously, people, stop letting her have power over anything.

And for the slacker she normally loved to be, she then sat down at her desk and pulled out the notebook full of detailed notes for ideas that she'd had over the last week for detention and began trying to work it out into something coherent. Mwahaha.

Today Jaye made a grave mistake.

Today Jaye told her family where she'd ended up. No, she hadn't before now, are you kidding? If it were really up to her she wouldn't even give them her phone number. No, not really.

Every once in a while she'd hold the phone away from her ear when she got tired of listening, and anyone who stopped in or maybe even passed by could hear Sharon's voice saying things like, "That place turned you into a crazy person," and "It's nothing but all Democrats, all the time!" or "If you call me again pretending you're three like that one time, so help me-"
Jaye got to her office early today. She also got there irritated and with hay in her hair (don't ask), dropping her purse on her desk before sitting down.

"That wasn't so bad," said the voice from inside said purse.

"I'm not talking to you," Jaye said.

The door was open.
It wasn't that Jaye wanted to be at work or anything. What, was she going to work on class or something? Psh. But she did like being able to say she had an office, so every once in a while she could show up to it.

And work on making up radio complaint forms. Thanks for the idea, Jack!
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Jaye had an office.

Because someone had decided she should have an office, what were you people thinking.

For the moment this didn't look like a bad decision, though. Mostly she was spending her time rearranging her supplies how she wanted them on her desk. Which meant she was bored and was just going to keep doing this until she got carpal tunnel or she started throwing things into Anakin's office or something.

[Open office hours are open.]


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