Jaye could have been having a better vacation. But after having things start talking to her and then a subsequent sleepless night and wandering through a gay ball (that still sounded wrong) to try and find some guy who she was told to follow but lost in a crowd (you'd think with so many feathers there, there'd be one damn fake bird to play hot and cold with), and therefore there'd been another sleepless night because of it.

So as these things tended to happen, she'd gone about her business, only to get sent on another wild goose chase through Rio.

...Wild goose chase was almost an accurate term, too. )

[It's really all [livejournal.com profile] willbethenight's fault.]
Jaye got to her office early today. She also got there irritated and with hay in her hair (don't ask), dropping her purse on her desk before sitting down.

"That wasn't so bad," said the voice from inside said purse.

"I'm not talking to you," Jaye said.

The door was open.
Jaye had thought staying at school over the summer in a vain attempt to get the hell out of here a semester early would at least mean she got her apartment to herself. But nooo, there was yet another roommate, one who invited people over for parties on nights before assignments were due in order to "blow off steam" and whose radio never got listened to on any setting lower than eleven. She'd tried yelling about it, but it was hard to yell at someone who was used to having people scream in their ear just to hear over the music. Nina would just smile and nod and yell back something about "Sounds good!" If Jaye didn't wonder if attempted murder would possibly get her hauled in on that whole three strikes law, she'd seriously consider it.

She was treated to the sweet symphony of club music that made that floorboards vibrate when she came back with the mail, rolling her eyes and going through the enveloped, balling up anything that looked like junk (anything that belonged to Nina here was considered junk) and throwing it into the trash can in frustration. And then when she saw the thing addressed to her and opened it up, she groaned at seeing that it was, in fact, a wedding invitation.

She didn't even recognize the names at first, then realized it was two people she'd hooked up months ago, thus ending in her ruining the first date she'd had in months. Therefore, Jaye started to crumple up the invite because screw that, and then she looked toward her roommate's door. Would she still have to be here in two months? Would she need the weekend away from Club Nina?

Go, said the salt shaker shaped like a sheep.

"Oh thank god," said Jaye, grateful for once for her possible cracked brain and the animals that talked to it.
Jaye's Thanksgiving hadn't been that bad. She'd been forced to go off with her family to her cousins' for the holidays, which was made bearable by the fact that there was more than enough wine available while they waited three freaking hours for the food to finish cooking. In her opinion, if you said dinner was at four, dinner should damn well be at four, and then you could leave.

Just before dinner, Jaye excused herself to the bathroom, mostly just because it got her out of an awkward "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" conversation. Happy to be free for at least a couple minutes, Jaye locked the door and looked up-

And every rubber duckie on the shower curtain looked toward her at once.

Jaye opened the door and stepped back outside. "Um. Is there another bathroom in the house?" she asked her uncle, passing by on his way back to the kitchen.

"No, we're remodeling the other one. That's the only one," he told her.

Jaye frowned. This was not going to work for her.

Jaye's roommate was creeping her out. There was only so much conversation-starting you could try before you had to decide you weren't the problem, and the fact that Jaye was trying to start a conversation should be enough of a sign that the silence was ridiculous here. So, finally figuring she just had to get out for a while, Jaye ventured out of her room in order to head to the lounge for a bit.

When she got there, she saw that the lounge had been decorated for Halloween. Or rather, someone was using the lounge to store all the Halloween crap they hadn't felt like putting up yet. Oh, god, someone better not be planning a party and intending to make her dress up.


"Oh, come on," Jaye muttered, glad no one was around to see her talking to herself.


When she rolled her eyes and turned to see what was talking to her, she saw that it was a large paper spider that someone had propped up on the back of a chair. "No," Jaye said, "because if you start talking to me, I have to take you around with me, and no, that's creepy, and you're half falling-apart anyway."

That would be when Jaye noticed someone standing at the doorway out of the corner of her eye. She didn't even know the guy, but he was looking at her with wide eyes. Occasionally he'd look over at the spider.

Jaye just looked back at him, wondering if she could explain this- did he have to be cute?- or if he should.

This was taken care of when he backed away slowly and disappeared down the hall.

"Great," Jaye told the spider. "Now look what you did."

[Establishy but can be open for calls if anyone wants.]
Jaye was supposed to be sleeping. She wasn't. No, she was listening to the dulcet tones of her animal chorus as they massacred something new by Britney Spears. She didn't understand it. She'd even tried forbidding them from listening to the radio for this very reason.

"You can stop at any time," Jaye said aloud to her ceiling. "I can't exactly do anything right now. It has to wait till morning anyway."

From the bed on the other side of the very small dorm room, Alexis groaned, "Jaye. It's 3 am. I'm trying to get to sleep. Will you stop your crazy freak speech now?"

Jaye could have. But in fact, she didn't really like her roommate at all. Her ultimate plan was actually to make her move out so she could have the room to herself, and all she had to do was be herself. It was brilliant, if she didn't say so herself. Except where she was totally thinking so. "No."

Alexis groaned again- she was getting very good at sounding put-upon via vocal gesture, and got out of bed. "I'm spending the night at Brad's. Good luck with the narcolepsy."

"Insomnia," Jaye corrected, frowning at her. "The hell? You go to Brown, you should know better."

Another sigh, which Jaye imagined was accompanied by an eyeroll, and she just tried to leave. And by the "OW" that followed, Alexis probably had a mighty toe stubbing incident in the dark room, before she could get to the door to let some light in.

As soon as she was gone, Jaye just grinned and said, "Sucker," followed by, "No, really, you guys can stop now."
Thanks to that stupid koala puppet (which Jaye had swiped from someone's shopping bag in the mall, shhh don't tell), Jaye's coworker Pete now thought she was crazy. Raise your hand if you're shocked.

She'd followed him all the way to a small shopping center, where she pulled up to the curb illegally and got out of the car. "Wait!" she yelled to his retreating form. "I just need to talk to you!"

"Catch him up," the koala said from her hand, complete with Australian accent. (Being made in China, it was a very fake Australian accent.) Yes, she was wearing the stolen koala puppet. Don't judge. This probably didn't help with the crazy-looking, though, did it?

"Yeah, I know," Jaye snapped at it, and tilted her head as she saw Pete get in another car and start speeding away. "Where does he think he's going?"

"Catch him up, mate!" the puppet insisted.

Jaye rolled her eyes and got back into the car, not even putting on her seat belt before she turned the key in the ignition and shifted into reverse to pull out of the same-

-And heard the crunching sound as she backed right into the Mercedes that had parked behind her.

For a moment she stopped, her jaw dropped, and then she looked in her rearview mirror to make sure the owner wasn't around.

"You didn't see that," she told her koala hand, and drove off without leaving a note.

The animals had started singing late, thusly waking her up. That was around two am. She finally got to sleep around five when she stuck in some earplugs and risked suffocation by piling pillows on top of her head.

This meant that she finally woke up around ten or so, knocking the pillows off her head as she sat up. "WOULD YOU STOP ALREADY?" she demanded.

They all stopped, except for that one overly enthusiastic, off-key snake.

"You see what you do to me? I dream that bears are leaving me voicemails now. I blame you," she accused.

[Establishy, la]
Jaye hadn't had nearly enough to drink last night to wake up hungover, but she still had a headache. She blamed it on the animals that had been parroting Save the doc at her every time she closed her eyes to get some sleep. Currrently she had a pillow over her head, trying to drown out the sound.

Save the doc.

"I know!" Jaye yelled into the room. "I get it! I hear you! I haven't gone deaf! I understand what you're saying! I just don't understand what you mean!"

Save the doc.

She swung her arm to knock the wax lion off the nightstand, pretty sure she heard an "Oof." That was a little disturbing.
Jaye had figured something out. Blame sleep deprivation, if you will. There was 'so late it was technically morning' and there was 'so early it was technically hell.' That was where she was now.

So she'd reported that Angelus was in a cell somewhere, so she figured while she was still nice and prepared with the water guns and... did garlic actually work? Maybe she should pay more attention. Anyway, she thought she was pretty safe right now, so that wasn't keeping her awake.

However, the animal chorus of Save the doc had turned into a chorus of "My Humps", which Jaye suspected had less to do with the whole catchy song theme of the day and more to do with them being total and complete bastards.
After getting in to town and finding out she got here just in time for a brand new chapter of the Angelus saga when she could have been back in LA, happily doing nothing where it was nice and safe, or even packing her ass up and headeding back to Nigara, Jaye wasn't going to be sleeping well anyway.

Add to that the fact that anytime she thought she was going to drift off, she'd hear something or other pipe up Save the doc she was pretty sure she was going to have to do something drastic, like... well, something more drastic than anything her sleep-deprived brain could come up with at... what time was it again?

Save the doc.

"Screw you, it's your fault I'm here," she yelled back at it, rolling onto her side and pulling her pillow over her head.
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Jaye was having an oh-so productive day in the office. If 'productive' meant 'sitting around and catching up on TMZ'. She'd taken to screening calls under the guise that she... actually she'd just taken to screening calls. Screw guises.

Halfway through reading through the entries marked 'Celebrity Justice', Jaye heard a-

Go back to the weird place.

She looked over at the lion standing in its usual place on the desk. "Could you maybe narrow it down a little? You do realize where we are, right?"

The lion's head tilted in what could only be construed as his version of 'are you serious?'

You know which one.

It was about half a second later that it dinged in Jaye's head. "Oh, hey, okay," she said, opening up a new window to open up Portalocity. "You know, I don't mind you when you tell me things I like to hear. You should do it more often."
Jaye could definitely hear the pounding on the bathroom door. She just pretended she didn't.

cut for thanksgiving randomness )
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Jaye has actually been productive, kind of, for once. She's managed to finish up her college apps, which are probably getting there late but who cares, and she even sealed them all pretty and everything. Of course, she also finished on a Sunday, so we'll see when she actually mails it.

She drops the envelopes on her desk, which is when one of the little paper cranes made the weekend of the sugar OD says, "Give thanks."

"Shut it, I am working on it," she says. "I even have a baking slave! And you don't even have a face."

The crane doesn't have a comeback for that.

[Open, if you're good for some SP, since I'll be in and out today.]
"...But I don't wanna," Jaye was saying into the phone.

"Oh, shh. We haven't seen you in a while," Mahandra told her. "You can put up with everyone on a weekend when you're pretty much contractually obligated by blood to do so."

"But I don't wanna," Jaye insisted.

Mahandra sighed. "You're four."

"No, I was that in May. Now I'm just petulant."

"...You're so weird. Worse comes to worse, you can come stay with my family. Throw a fit, head out, you're in the clear."

Jaye perked up a little at that. "Ooh."

[Pending net workage, Jaye will be around starting tonight to tell people of the wonders of Thanksgiving. If you replied to this post to tell me you want an invite, you'll get one. If you haven't yet and want in, just reply there or ping me and you'll get it.]
Jaye? Still in bed. And she's not moving anytime soon. Because as much fun as she had last night, and hey, she even met someone awesome out of it even if it does potentially complicate a thing or two, she is never, ever, ever going to be able to drink tequila again.

Maybe she'll move tomorrow.

[So not open.]
So Coruscant food isn't that bad, and at least Jaye's gotten a few good conversations in with people before she bites the big one not dirty. She didn't get killed by Callisto, and she talked to Elizabeth and talked weird with Tyler and Rory and Sam and Marty and Angela, and Cedric was cute at her and King Dork is still a dork and she planned her funeral with Parker and Alec is under the very sweet but misguided impression that she's not dying. It's the thought that counts, and she likes that thought. Well, at least death will be a less awkward ending than her last couple relationships.

Jaye looks over at the lion sitting on her desk. "You've been quiet lately," she says. "Does that mean I'm completely deadinated tomorrow?"

The lion doesn't answer.

She frowns at it for a long time. "I kind of hate you, you know. Like, a lot. And you're all off key."

The lion doesn't answer, but she could swear the rubber snake looks a little offended.


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