Jaye could definitely hear the pounding on the bathroom door. She just pretended she didn't.

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So Coruscant food isn't that bad, and at least Jaye's gotten a few good conversations in with people before she bites the big one not dirty. She didn't get killed by Callisto, and she talked to Elizabeth and talked weird with Tyler and Rory and Sam and Marty and Angela, and Cedric was cute at her and King Dork is still a dork and she planned her funeral with Parker and Alec is under the very sweet but misguided impression that she's not dying. It's the thought that counts, and she likes that thought. Well, at least death will be a less awkward ending than her last couple relationships.

Jaye looks over at the lion sitting on her desk. "You've been quiet lately," she says. "Does that mean I'm completely deadinated tomorrow?"

The lion doesn't answer.

She frowns at it for a long time. "I kind of hate you, you know. Like, a lot. And you're all off key."

The lion doesn't answer, but she could swear the rubber snake looks a little offended.
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So in coming to the realization that she's going to be expected to actually fly an actual thingie in actual space for a class she didn't actually sign up for, Jaye has come to the conclusion that she has a couple days to live.

This would be why she is writing out a will.

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Jaye's already going for her cell phone before closing the door to her room, looking for S in her speed dial.

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Dec. 30th, 2005 08:28 am
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Because last night was freaking adorable, Jaye decides it needs to be celebrated.

To: Lorelai Gilmore-Danes <lorelei.gilmore-danes@fandomhigh.net>
From: Jaye Tyler <jaye.tyler@fandomhigh.net>
Subject: Cuteness
Attachments: rory_cuteness.mov

body of E-mail )

And because sometimes she's suicidal, she starts a second E-mail.

To: John Crichton <john.crichton@fandomhigh.net>
From: Jaye Tyler <jaye.tyler@fandomhigh.net>
Subject: Because sometimes I'm suicidal
Attachments: aeryn_hat.jpg

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