About an hour after dragging Kristine from the bar, they were still driving around. Because Kristine couldn't remember how to get to where she lived, and it wasn't like Jaye knew. And considering she wasn't paying for any of this, she wouldn't have cared if it didn't mean riding in the back of a cab with a drunk girl who kept trying to pass out rather than give the driver any actual instructions, or an address.

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All right, so going out Sunday night when she had class and work on Monday was not the smartest move Jaye could have made. But Kristine, one of the girls from Philosophy had just broken up with her boyfriend and decided Jaye was the one to tell her like it is and then after about eight refusals offered to pay for all Jaye's drinks and there she was.

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Jaye got back from Caritas after a few shots in not much time, feeling pretty good about everything. Which was why she picked up her phone when she got to her hotel room.

ring, ring )

So Jaye started making other calls.

The plus was, animals or no, she'd probably sleep tonight. For at least a whole five minutes. Unfortunately she wasn't that drunk.
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There is a desk with several kinds of moddable booze on it. There are all the things that go with those seveal kinds of moddable booze, such as cups and shot glasses, because you'd better believe Jaye would have all of that. Also, a few more kinda of snacky things, because nothing goes with alcohol like snacky things.

Also, a fire extinguisher. Because Sam said she'd bring a blowtorch. And Jaye's not that stupid.

Also some more, glitter. It's the Seahorse way. Or, part of it.

[For the Seahorsies, SO's, honorary Seahorsies and little sibs. If you're one of those people, feel free to handwave an invite. Up omg early for time zones and stuff. Also, lookit lookit y'all can see the room! *crams people in there*]
After the weird guy from next door came over, Jaye closed her door and got drunk. At one point she offered the Little Wooden Boy Dave a shot, but he seems to be clean.

At another point, Jaye started making phone calls.

And then she sets off to the lobby so she can go do her radio broadcast. Because sometimes Jaye's an idiot.

[Locked to those who know who they are.]


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