Today Jaye made a grave mistake.

Today Jaye told her family where she'd ended up. No, she hadn't before now, are you kidding? If it were really up to her she wouldn't even give them her phone number. No, not really.

Every once in a while she'd hold the phone away from her ear when she got tired of listening, and anyone who stopped in or maybe even passed by could hear Sharon's voice saying things like, "That place turned you into a crazy person," and "It's nothing but all Democrats, all the time!" or "If you call me again pretending you're three like that one time, so help me-"
Over the last few years, Jaye had accumulated quite the rap sheet. Shoplifting (she'd gotten good enough to not get caught anymore), hit and run, vandalism... And it was all because of those stupid talky animals.

This time was absolutely no different.

In fact, the guard who let her go make her one phone call even greeted her with "Hey, Jaye." She gave him an irritated little wave and dialed the number she knew by heart, even in this age of speed dial. and so it goes )
Jaye woke up bright and early, way earlier than she usually did. The first thing she noticed was how huge the bed was, and so trying to get out of it pretty much meant she fell out, and then quickly stood up to make sure no one saw that. Still, maybe she could get a band-aid out of it.

The phone started ringing, which meant she had to race to get it before anyone else, not yet realizing she was alone in the apartment. She found the phone on a table and picked it up with an almost polite, "Hello?" This was probably the only age where Jaye could be associated with the word 'polite'.

"Jaye? You're not Jaye. I need to talk to my sister," Sharon said from the other line. "God, please don't tell me anyone let her babysit. It's a miracle you're not in jail already."

She frowned. "You talk too much," she declared, and then with Sharon still protesting, Jaye hid the phone under a couch cushion and decided to go about her day where there were no phones.

[Establishy! YAY WEETINY.]
When Mahandra called, she probably shouldn't have asked, "What are you doing?"

Because Jaye's answer was, "Nothing. Sniffing my hair."

"...Why are you sniffing your hair?" Call that the standard response.

"I have no idea," Jaye said. "I just noticed it smells really good."

"New shampoo?"

"Nope. I don't know."

"Huh. So Ijust got off work, and I have to tell you about this guy I had to deal with, and- Um, Jaye? Did I just hear you sniffing your hair?"


"Well, anyway, he came in, demanded atable even though we were busy, and okay I know I heard it that time."

"I can't help it," Jaye protested. "I'm trying to figure out what it smells like. Seriously, it's really good."

"I'm going to leave you two alone," Mahandra decided. "Call me later."

"Got it," Jaye agreed before hanging up. And sniffing again, she actually had to ask aloud, "Is that pomegranate? Why the hell would I smell like pomegranate?"

[Welcome to my last two days. Open, I guess, if you wanna visit the girl above the theater.]
Technically, Jaye was on the phone. Well, okay, she was on the phone, it was just that she wasn't actually listening. She was channel surfing and that really took all her focus right now.

"I really wish you had at least tried to come home," Karen was saying. "If not for your birthday, than for the holiday."

"I really couldn't, Mom. School and all, you know." Not that Jaye had classes till like, Wednesday. Was it Wednesday? She'd have to check.

"Tell me you're at least spending it with people and not being antisocial like usual."

"Oh, don't worry, I have plans." Like printing off and attaching labels to bottles of crazy. And maybe seeing if her fake ID would come in handy now that it said she was twenty-two. "I'm totally fine here. You know, Mom, I have to go. Happy Earth Day or whatever."

"Easter, Jaye," Karen said, half-sighing.

"Sure, okay. Bye, Mom."

And once she hung up, it was time to find something on TV.
fates_jaye: (at the bar)
Jaye got back from Caritas after a few shots in not much time, feeling pretty good about everything. Which was why she picked up her phone when she got to her hotel room.

ring, ring )

So Jaye started making other calls.

The plus was, animals or no, she'd probably sleep tonight. For at least a whole five minutes. Unfortunately she wasn't that drunk.
Jaye was getting her own car already. She'd made that decision the instant she picked up her phone and heard Mahandra ask, "And where were you all weekend? I called four times. Maybe five. I know it was about an entire hands' worth of calling."
cut for phone call! )
This is Jaye. This is Jaye making phone calls. Yes, again.

When she's done (for now, at least), she gets up and goes to her dresser to grab the blank "Welcome to Hollywood!" postcard she'd gotten and hadn't managed to write on yet due to not having anything to say. And she still doesn't. What she ends up writing is


with her phone number underneath, and then realizing she doesn't have an address for Jarod. So she writes "JAROD" on the address section, hopes the post office can figure out, and doesn't realize that might be a bad idea just in general.

[Open for the LA group, or should anyone feel like calling back.]
When Jaye brings her mail back up to her room, she's on the phone. "I swear I'm not making rent," she says.

"Mom and Dad paid your rent last month," says Sharon. "I thought you had a job."

"It doesn't pay that well," says Jaye, bending across the dresser to plug in her new iPod to charge. "Seriously, Sharon, I can barely eat."

"And how is that my problem?"

This would be the time that Jaye goes through her mail, and sees a certain postcard. "OhmygodSharonI'vegottago," she says, hanging up quickly.

Not that it doesn't take her that long to read or anything, but still, she needs to have her moment of glee.

After that moment of glee passes, there's a moment of "How about a return address next time!"
After leaving Caritas, Jaye heads back up to the causeway, drops her bags on the ground, and sits on them while she waits for the cab.

And she dials a number.

ring, ring )

And she hangs up right in time for the cab to pull up.

The driver puts her bags in the trunk, and Jaye gets into the backseat with the ant farm in her lap before the car drives away from Fandom.
When Jaye's phone rings, she realizes she could go outside to take the call. Then she realizes she has like fifteen other people in the cabin and decides they can listen to her babble.

ring, ring )

Once she's off the phone with Mahandra, she finally returns a call and tries not to think too hard on that week and a half thing.

[Pretty open, especially if you're in Pixie or have kidnap plans.]
This would be Jaye on the phone. If she's talking really loudly, it's because someone is singing at her again.
and so on )

When she opens the door, she announces, "I SHOULD HAVE LEFT YOU TO THE PINK THING."

[Establishy unless you're really keen on SP.]
After leaving the common room and all its ice cream- this place is great for ice cream- Jaye goes to her room and dashes inside when she hears the phone ringing. Picking it up, she says, "Hello?"

And before Sharon can say a full sentence, Jaye says "Hello?" again.

"Jaye, I don't have time for this," Jaye says. "I'm trying to get the information for your-"




"Okay, this isn't funny."

"Hello?" And then she hangs up.

She does this the next two times Sharon tries to call, too. Jaye knows how to use a phone. She's just messing with her.

Let's get something straight. Jaye is not a motivated person. For instance, her college acceptance letters are still sitting on her desk unopened. She hasn't even looked at them. She really should get on that.

Now that that's out of the way, it's utterly ridiculous that she set her alarm to call Rose just to see if she can wake her up at 4 am and annoy her. Skewed priorities, this girl.

Of course the problem with waking up at ass o'clock in the morning is that it's sometimes hard to get back to sleep. Which sucks, since she doesn't even have classes today. Especially when the stuff that's already there in her head is kind of making her worry, which is stupid and she's got no reason to worry anymore and if it was really her business- which it's not- someone would have said something before. Not that she's worried about something being her business. It's practically her cosmic duty to interfere. Or something.

When it's finally daylight, and a more decent time of the morning, Jaye makes another call, then looks over at the lion to say, "Don't look at me like that."

[Expecting someone, but open if you don't mind SP.]
There's no shows needing to be downloaded, the common rooms can be scary if you're not in the right mind for it, and it's Jaye's last day of freedom before classes start.

Hm. This calls for a phone conversation.

ring, ring )

[Open, as is the door, though I might be a teensy bit slow.]
On her way out to handwavily run some errands before class, Jaye drops her purse while opening the door. She sees her phone fall onto the carpet, and realizes when she picks it up that it's off. And that it's been off since she turned it off post-phone call home at this time last week. Oops.

Since she's not in a rush, she takes a seat on her bed, listening to the messages. All twenty-eight of them. She spends a lot of time just hearing as far as "Jaye, this is your mother" or "WHERE ARE YOU ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?" before deleting them, though, so it doesn't take that long to get through.

The last one she does hear, though, because it's Sharon saying, "Since you didn't call back to say not to, Mom and Dad paid for your bus ticket already. Seriously, Jaye, would it have been that hard just to call back? Whatever. See you on Friday, unless I can get out of it."

Jaye's cursing when she hangs up.

[Openish. I'm around for about an hour and then at work, so SP is love if anyone feels the need to stop by.]
Jaye can't believe she's up early. She especially can't believe she's up early still thinking about this stupid Thanksgiving thing. She's got a ton of it planned, believe it or not. Isabel's doing the turkey, Dean and Seely are helping her with the side stuff, Alanna's not allowed to cook but can hold a knife, Molly and Willow are helping with the baking, Kawalsky's making her want to have chocolate beer there, and the list kind of goes on. She has no idea why she's getting into this, except that it really is just a big party, and those tend to be fun in Fandom. She's still got to make sure she knows where she's actually having the damn thing, but she can handle that later.

And okay, another reason she's up early is because she's got something to do. She's going with an idea Alec gave her, and she picks up the phone, knowing at this time of day her mom isn't likely to pick up the phone. As soon as she gets to Karen's voicemail, she starts attempting that thing where you sound like you're cutting out on the phone. "...i, Mom, it's... e, Jaye. We had... horrible storm... causeway... washed out... not... to be able to make it to... anksgiving. I'll be fine, have... un without me. Cutting out now have to go bye."

She hangs up really quickly, and then turns off her phone just in case her mom tries to call back.

[Not really open. Establishy and will be a linkdrop later.
Anyone who still wants a personal invite, I'm going to try and stick Jaye in a CR tonight for that. She does have radio tonight, and there'll be a general invite in there. Posts will go up tonight to start the dinner. (Methinks today is a big RP day for me.)]
"...But I don't wanna," Jaye was saying into the phone.

"Oh, shh. We haven't seen you in a while," Mahandra told her. "You can put up with everyone on a weekend when you're pretty much contractually obligated by blood to do so."

"But I don't wanna," Jaye insisted.

Mahandra sighed. "You're four."

"No, I was that in May. Now I'm just petulant."

"...You're so weird. Worse comes to worse, you can come stay with my family. Throw a fit, head out, you're in the clear."

Jaye perked up a little at that. "Ooh."

[Pending net workage, Jaye will be around starting tonight to tell people of the wonders of Thanksgiving. If you replied to this post to tell me you want an invite, you'll get one. If you haven't yet and want in, just reply there or ping me and you'll get it.]
Jaye had been bored, at least until the phone rang. Now she's in the middle of a Conversation.

and here's why )

Jaye's glaring at the phone when she hangs up, and hating Thanksgiving already with hmmm, how many days left?

[Door's open, should anyone feel like visiting.]
Today when Jaye's glaring at the closet, it's because she didn't get to wear the dress. Homecoming had been pretty awesome and all, but still, she's pretty sure she looked funny in what she had been wearing.

When the phone starts ringing, Jaye turns her glare towards it, especially when she sees the name on the caller ID.

ring, ring )

Jaye frowns at the phone and starts planning escape routes for that weekend.


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