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Jaye steps back into her room, and has to glare at it a little. Stupid dorms.

Once she's unpacked and settled in a little, she opens up her laptop.

typey typey typey )

She hits send, and idly wonders why there are no shirtless boys wandering down the hall. So, fixing this, she goes to her desk, picks up the "Shirtlessness Encouraged" sign, and sticks it on the outside of her door. Yes, she took it. No, you shouldn't be surprised.

[Will be a linkdrop, yes. Door's open.]
Jaye stops in just to check her E-mail.

oh, look )
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Jaye would be sending E-mail this morning.

yay mahandra )

After sending that off, Jaye checks her E-mail and finds a message from Rory. She opens it, clicks the attachment-

The entire fourth floor might hear the startled shrieks coming from 417.
Jaye comes back from class, dumps her stuff on the floor and closes the door. She checks her messages first"

"Jaye, this is your mother. Sharon says you're flinging. Are you all right? It's not another 'sode, is it? Flinging what, exactly? Call me back or I'll call your principal."

She looks at the time, and returns the call. After the message telling her she's reached Karen Tyler's voicemail, there's a beep, and Jaye responds accordingly.

"Hi, Mom. Guess you're at Dr. Ron's. Dammit, I always forget about that. Anyway, whatever Sharon told you, it's a filthy lie so you can stop calling. To check up on me. Yeah. By the way, though, we don't have anyone named Gilmore in our extended family, do we?"

And then, with a horrified wide-eyed expression, she adds, "Or monochome hookers. Tell me we don't have monochrome hookers in our family. I'm not crazy. Bye."

With that done, she gets on the computer really really quickly.

and types )
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Jaye was sober the whole night. Amazing, huh? So she has no problem when she leaves Rory's room and heads back to her own to start sending E-mails.

to mahandra )

to sharon )


Dec. 30th, 2005 08:28 am
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Because last night was freaking adorable, Jaye decides it needs to be celebrated.

To: Lorelai Gilmore-Danes <lorelei.gilmore-danes@fandomhigh.net>
From: Jaye Tyler <jaye.tyler@fandomhigh.net>
Subject: Cuteness
Attachments: rory_cuteness.mov

body of E-mail )

And because sometimes she's suicidal, she starts a second E-mail.

To: John Crichton <john.crichton@fandomhigh.net>
From: Jaye Tyler <jaye.tyler@fandomhigh.net>
Subject: Because sometimes I'm suicidal
Attachments: aeryn_hat.jpg

body of E-mail )
[Private E-mail, post is open, for mun is home sick and bored]

To: Mahandra (ardnaham@gmail.com)
From: Jaye Tyler (jaye.tyler@fandomhigh.com)
Subject: Check it out, I'm alive!

And not insitutionalized!

Sharon was in this weekend for the whole parents thing. Besides nearly killing Le French Dude at the hotel when they lost her reservation, she wasn't too embarrassing. Okay, no, that's a total lie. She was in nicotine withdrawal, she called Mr. The Tick a sex fetishist, and she had to sleep on my floor for two nights because she's too good for the hall. Best part had to be when some chick showed up with a camera crew asking about one of the Logans and called Sharon old. Ha! Now I need to meet this Logan guy. I think he's the one who was a bunny. No, really. I told you this place was weird.

Halloween party at Wednesday's (lab partner) place last night. It was pretty cool, except maybe when Callisto got possessed by a ghost and I got to stand there and have no idea of what to do. He seemed nice enough besides that, but leave it to me to meet the ghost all the other ghosts avoid. Oh, and he called me flat-chested.

So how was your weekend? :)



Jaye sends off the E-mail and closes the window. Tah dah, see how communicative she can be? She opens the door to the room, grabs a bag of Halloween candy and tears it open, and looks for someone interesting to pass by. Anyone uninteresting might have something pelted at them.


Oct. 13th, 2005 07:37 pm
To: ardnaham@gmail.com
From: jaye.tyler@fandomhigh.com
Subject: Blah blah blah


Can't say it's been boring. Homecoming didn't suck. Even if I got stuck in an orange dress, but apparently I'm super cute in it. Whatever. No zombies since then, either. I hear some girl got possessed by an alien, but I'm pretty sure that was just a rumor started by too much Weekly World News. Either that or I'm coming the hell home.

You'll be proud to know that there's one night in particular that I don't remember. I know I drew on some passed out guy at Spike's and then I think I tried to hit on the Jedi guy or something. Maybe? I have no idea. But Rogue and Cally and everyone was taking it all off so I'm going to feel a little bit better that I kept all my clothes on. Seriously, I slept in my jeans. It's surprisingly uncomfortable. So was the following hangover. And then there was polka music. Don't ask.

Anyway, write back. Mock one of my siblings for me.



Jaye sends off the E-mail, and checks her new messages. She shakes her head at one, moving the mouse to delete it-


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