The babbling from the animals has kind of turned into a white noise that Jaye can almost ignore. Almost. She gets three words into an E-mail before she realizes she's spending more time shushing them than she is typing anything, so she closed the computer and decides it can wait until she's like, living in a cabin in the woods or something.

Ooh. That's an idea.

[For Alec.]
Jaye has left her phone off for most of the day, and kept her door closed. So far she's liking the classes themselves, the TAship is good, and the Media Studies teacher can definitely stay. Of course, between the conversation with Dean and talking with Luke, Jaye hasn't really wanted to deal with people much. She's really liking the idea of a portable Jack right now.

She looks over at the animals lining her desk and says, "You should sing."

They stay silent.

"No. Seriously. Singing right now would be great." She doesn't mention that it would be great because yay distraction. If she does that, they'll just be mean.

And they're still not doing anything.

[Locked to special guests who know who they are.]
Let's see, breakup, Anakin be gone and general wallowing. At least the hangover wasn't too bad.

Still, she doesn't really feel like being out if it means having to possibly explain anything to anyone, so instead she's holed up in her room, trying to talk herself out of doing something. Which doesn't work, so she picks up the phone.

ring, ring )

As soon as she hangs up the phone, she looks at the lion on the desk and says, "See, I went crazy and I didn't even need you to do it."

The lion stays almost depressingly silent.
Jaye's had an interesting weekend. There was checking on Alec after he ended up in the clinic. And kind of freaked out over that, which she hadn't expected. And then there was saying goodbye to Veronica and "welcoming" the newbies, where she'd gotten to mess with some people, actually talk to some others. And then there was that whole bit where she turned down a guy because of the guy she's already dating, and she got to feel better about it given that Jack's the same way with his situation.

And then there was that whole bit where she found out that the guy she's really been feeling great about is sleeping with his doppleganger.

As soon as Jaye gets to her room, she closes the door and goes for her phone.

ring, ring )
Jaye doesn't have anywhere to be for a while, and so she gets online to send off E-mails. Only to be surprised by an IM.

cut for length like woah. um. not dirty )

Jaye looks up from her computer...
After the common room, Jaye heads back to her room, and kind of falls onto her bed with the door closed. So, hm. There was the marshmallow thing, and then work, which was really boring considering that after work was spent making out in the breakroom. Oops. Followed by a fishie funeral complete with Archie right after said makeout on the breakroom. But then there was the common room where there was talk of crimefighting and glitter ninjas and Bridge holding her like something broken, so.

She gets up, gets ready for bed, and then looks at her cell phone.

She returns the call. )


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