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Wakes and funerals were pretty much the worst things ever to begin with, and it was so much worse when you were related to the person. It was all tears and "Do you remember how he used to" and forced socialization with family members you tried to avoid on a normal basis. Plus everything smelled like embalming fluid and calla lilies and she would not be convinced otherwise. So if you didn't mind, Jaye was going to find a corner unoccupied by anyone else and hang out with her drink. Which was nonalcoholic, because alcohol wasn't available, and did anyone else see anything wrong with that?

The corner position didn't stop her aunt Cheryl from coming over anyway, followed closely by her toddler grandson that probably already had Karen hinting to Sharon that there were plenty of men around if she'd stop being so picky. "Jaaaaye," Cheryl said, in that sympathetic voice that was followed by the concerned lip purse and head nod. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm just fine, Aunt Cheryl," Jaye said. "Times like this, I really like to be alone with my drink. I mean, feelings."

And there was the head nod. "I totally understand. He was a really kind man, you know. I know it got lost a lot in all the casual racism."

"Yeah, that'll overshadow some of your better qualities," Jaye agreed.

"Make them talk."

Ugh. Knowing what that meant, Jaye looked over at the grandson, who was sitting on the floor and playing with a stuffed hippo. A stuffed hippo who was looking right at her and repeating, "Make them talk."

"And poor Sharon looks so upset."

Right, she was still talking to a person. "What? Who?"

"Your sister."

"Oh, we're not related."

"Make them talk."

"That's not helpful," Jaye said, and then remembered that she was supposed to be like, sympathetic, or something here. "I mean, that he... Um." Dammit, she had nothing. And so she blinked really hard a few times and said, "Sorry, I'm a little choked up right now."

"Oh, you poor dear," Cheryl said, reaching over to hug her, and Jaye swore she could see the hippo snickering at her over her aunt's shoulder. "Do you need a moment?"

"A moment would be great. Several moments would be better," Jaye said. Because now she got to find out who that was talking about and figure out how to steal a toddler's stuffed animal in public and that was all much easier to do without being hugged.

[Had to. NFB, NFI, SDCC.]
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