Jan. 4th, 2015

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It was actually kind of busy at the store today. A lot of people who'd been to Niagara for New Year's were leaving to get back to work tomorrow, which meant last-minute souvenir shopping, which meant Jaye had a lot of people to mostly ignore. And when she got bored of them, she started playing on her phone. Which was when she saw the voicemail from the radio station (???) and decided to listen to it.

There were not words for this kind of joy. If you'd ever experienced the miracle of life, or gotten literally everything you ever wanted in life, or, who knows, saw a really pretty sunset once or whatever, suck it, you know nothing.

"Hey, where do you think you're going?" the Mouthbreather asked as Jaye headed to the break room.

"On break," she said.

"You just took one."

"Then I'm going on lunch," she said.

And actually, it did take almost an hour of her checking Portalocity, trying to book stuff, and then getting on hold with customer service as they told her they didn't have any portals out of her dimension until next week.

It probably didn't do any good when she replied that everyone there was fired.

[NFB, NFI, la la laaaaaaaa.]


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